Costa Rica as an Ideal Sustainable Destination

    Costa Rica is a country that never ceases to surprise everyone, and it is that each year it receives recognition for the various actions in favor of the planet that are carried out within it. This year it was considered a sustainable international destination...

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    This year 2022, Costa Rica received recognition as a sustainable international destination. It was the Spanish magazine “Viajar” that gave the award to the Costa Rican tourism authorities. Due to the recognition, it is clear that tourism in the Central American country has positioned itself as a model of sustainable success.

    In this regard, the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) highlighted “the possibility of visiting eight biological reserves and being a destination committed to sustainability.”

    It is worth noting that the award ceremony was held in Madrid on December 15th, to highlight “the work of initiatives, destinations and public or private accommodation in the sector that, in response to the climate emergency, have valued economic, social and environmental needs”. In addition, it is the first time that the magazine has granted recognition to a tourist destination outside of Spain, and the country obtained it unanimously.

    Costa Rica advances, collaborates, is part of large organizations

    It is also known that Costa Rica, since this year, is a member of the only organization that internationally accredits sustainable tourism. Through the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), the country can participate in the decisions made by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

    Gaining full access to the resources offered by the Council, as well as improving national sustainable tourism policies and practices will be part of the benefits of this integration. By being an active member of the world body, the positioning of the Certification for Sustainable Tourism and certified companies would be strengthened.

    National Geographic ranks Costa Rica as the best sustainable tourism destination

    Some time ago, the National Geographic Travel magazine of the United Kingdom, placed Costa Rica as the best destination in the world for sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism is both ecologically and culturally sensitive. While it helps generate income and employment, it tries to make a low impact on the environment of a country, its local culture and diseases in the preservation of local ecosystems.

    Let us remember that Costa Rica also stood out among the most attractive tourist destinations to visit in 2021 in the “Where to Go in 2021” list, published by the renowned American media Bloomberg.

    In the list of 24 countries, Costa Rica was labeled under the legend “Leave No Trace (Do not leave trace)”, referring to tourists being able to immerse themselves in nature during their visits.

    From The Costa Rica News, we continue to report and promote news that is a source of pride for the Costa Rican and the faithful visitors. Bravo!

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