Costa Rica Invites You to Generate Social and Environmental Solutions

    Submit your innovative environmental proposal and be part of the solution

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    With the aim of finding citizen and innovative proposals to face social and environmental problems, the call is open to send proposals to the program debt-for-nature swap of the Costa Rica por Siempre association in favor of safeguarding the environment.

    With these calls, innovative ideas are sought for Costa Rica that generate social and environmental benefits in topics such as clean water, sanitation, affordable and non-polluting energy, sustainable cities and communities, responsible production and consumption, action for the climate, lives of terrestrial ecosystems, among others.

    These proposals are also intended to promote solutions to problems that range from daily life and help the country to improve in areas as important as the environment and climate change.

    Exchange of nature debt between Costa Rica and the United States

    The debt-for-nature swap is an agreement by which the government of the United States of America waivers part of the foreign debt by the Government of Costa Rica, in exchange for the latter committing to invest the forgiven amount in a fund to finance conservation projects.

    This exchange was made through the Forest Conservation Agreement (FCA) and thanks to the Tropical Forest Conservation Act (TFCA) of the governments of the United States of America.

    Program components

    Its main objective is to facilitate the Conservation, protection, restoration and sustainable use of the tropical forests of Costa Rica, in six priority geographic areas which are Osa, La Amistad, Tortuguero, Manquenque, Northeast Area of Rincón de la Vieja and Nicoya.

    This project was founded from 2017, by the hand of the Costa Rica por Siempre association. Which became the administrator of the debt-for-nature swap in these two countries.

    Achievements of this project

    Strengthening producer organizations through the implementation of rational grazing within the Costa Rica por Siempre association framework. Livestock to improve productive capacity and promote the conservation of biodiversity and forest connectivity in wild areas.

    Who can participate?

    Legally established organizations with more than two years of experience in environmental, forest, conservation, indigenous peoples and sustainable development projects may participate. A fundamental requirement is that the projects must be developed in one of the six prioritized geographic areas already mentioned above for the first swap.

    For these organizations, $ 600 thousand will be available to finance said conservation projects, especially those that include direct actions to mitigate the impacts of the Coronavirus on biodiversity and the livelihoods of communities.

    Finally, remember that the call to send these environmental proposals is still open. To obtain more information and to know the bases to be able to participate, you can expand this information in detail through [email protected] It should be noted that these organizations have until April 12th to compete for funds, cheer up and participate.

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