Coins With Design Commemorating The Bicentennial Of Costa Rica Will Circulate From November

    Its denomination is ¢ 500 and 5 million were manufactured, about one for each inhabitant

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    The Costa Rican Central Bank presented this week the new commemorative coin for the bicentennial, which will enter regular circulation in November of this year. As reported by the Central, 5 million coins were manufactured, around one for each inhabitant.

    “This coin fulfills a dream that we have raised since 2019 when thinking about the commemoration of the 200 years of Independence of Costa Rica: that Costa Ricans could have in their hands a piece of this history that we are building together,” said the president of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado.

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    The coin is composed in the center of a silver core of copper and nickel, and a golden outer ring that is made of copper, zinc and nickel. It is made from a recyclable alloy, and is easily distinguishable from current coins in circulation. It pays homage to a multiethnic and multicultural independent working free nation that seeks the common welfare in democracy and peace.

    The obverse features the legends “Republic of Costa Rica” and “Central Bank of Costa Rica.” In the center the denomination of 500 in relief. In its lower part, when you turn the coin sideways, you can see how in a set of raised stripes it changes from 500 to the acronym BCCR. And at the bottom five bars in high relief to facilitate the recognition of the coin to people with visual disabilities.

    Obverse of the new coin

    In the reserve are the legends “200 years of independence”, “1821-2021” and the words “Freedom”, “Peace” and “Democracy”. In the center, there is a torch and a globe in the central part of which there is, in low relief, a map of Costa Rica and its mountain ranges. In addition, for the first time in Costa Rican numismatic history, Cocos Island is included on the map, thus becoming part of our territory as a country.

    Reverse new coin

    “This commemorative coin introduces us to an open and global Costa Rica, which assumes its place in the world, represented by the globe. A Costa Rica aware of its values, its institutional achievements and its rich natural heritage, ”said the president of the Central Bank, Rodrigo Cubero.

    The design of the coin was developed by José María Castro Madriz, a professor at the University of Costa Rica, with a degree in Graphic Design and an academic master’s degree in Arts. Castro did his graduation thesis on commemorative coins and on our banknotes. This left the way open to commission the design of the Bicentennial coin. In a gesture of patriotism, he donated the rights to the design to the Central Bank and the country. As anecdotal data, Castro is a fourth generation relative, by father and mother, of the former President and founder of the Republic with whom he shares names and surnames.

    On the other hand, the BCCR is working on the design of commemorative motifs to other events in our history that it would present in future issues of the ₡ 500 coin. Likewise, the issues of the other denominations will also show different motifs alluding to characters or other aspects of national life, with which collectible coin programs will be formed.

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