Cloud, Security and Analytics Are the Highest Growth Areas in Technology for Costa Rica

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    The data and analysis, computer security and cloud computing are the fastest growing technological areas in America and the Caribbean, according to TD Synnex, who gathered in recent days, more than 500 partners and customers in the region for Analyze the future of this productive sector; in the case of Costa Rica, the company Avizora the creation of an interesting “hub” in the implementation of technology.

    Therefore, it is no accident that the wholesale giant possesses a team on national land of 450 collaborators that provides services to the United States. “TD Synnex in its history has seen in Costa Rica in 2 ways: as a country of potential business, development with partners, but has also seen in the country a source of spectacular human talent, to support not only the businesses of that nation, but export that talent or knowledge to other countries in the region”, said Jan Michael de Kok, VP and General Manager for the Caribbean, Central America and Venezuela.

    And it is that the technical and engineering talent of Costa Ricans, based on education and other factors of the country, allows members to trust and continue to grow in the future, even double digit. “Costa Rica can continue to grow and not selling the same, through new technologies and new implementations (…) I see double digit growth. The market challenge is to demonstrate and enable the need for digital transformation, we talk about new technologies such as cybersecurity, cloud and analytics”, said De Kok.

    In that sense, Costa Rica is one of the customers of TD Synnex where faster began to implement hybrid cloud services in the region, because companies realized this potential. After the fusion of Tech Data and Synnex Westcom, which made TD Synnex the most important technology wholesaler in the world, the company brought together its suppliers, commercial partners, analysts and executives of the IT industry to analyze the current market generate “Networking” and exchange knowledge between the participating channels.

    Hybrid environments, Multi Cloud, cybersecurity and modern applications are part of the pillars that support the strategy of the technological wholesaler for the region in 2023, according to several of their representatives during the event Inspire Lac 2022. Microsoft, AWS and Google Cloud are part of The companies with which TD Synnex has implemented a series of alliances to provide an outstanding Multi Cloud service in the region.

    “We are very focused on technologies such as Cloud, Security, Analytics, areas with strong growth potential for the region. Within a Multi Cloud hybrid networks scenario, we see that it is the necessary structure to support the digital transformation that customers are looking for”, said Helio Guimaraes, senior director of strategy and solutions for Latin America of TD Synnex. On the other hand, brands and ways of doing business have changed, now we are moving from the traditional technology model to an aggregation of solutions, which will be critical for the future for the delivery of technology to the market, according to Pablo Rodríguez, Director of Cloud at TD Synnex. As part of the support of its partners in the region, the technological distributor makes strong investments in education and training, taking into account that it is not only about new tools, but about training professionals. “Today the world of technology is demanding more and more resources, today the number of people necessary with these tools does not come out of universities, there is a very large demand, so companies like we seek synergies to retain talent and support local operations, That is why the creation of our Center of Excellence”, said Rodríguez.

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