8 Skin Problems in Menopause and How to Fix Them

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    Menopause is a biological and physiological process, of marked relevance in the life of women. This can be evidenced around the age of 50. The cause of menopause is actually when at this stage women begin to decrease the functionality of the ovaries that produce estrogen. This brings with it changes throughout the body and the skin is no exception.

    What are the changes that we can see in our skin after menopause?

    • Dehydrated and dry skin- Decreases our skin’s fat, as well as hyaluronic acid.

    • Deeper wrinkles and acceleration of aging- This is due to a decrease in cell renewal, elastin and collagen.

    • Decreased moisturizing of the mucous membranes, especially the vaginal one- Increase in vaginal infections and atrophic vulvovaginitis

    • Facial hirsutism- It is increased facial hair

    • Thinning of the hair in the genital area

    • Decreased hair follicles and thickness of hair and scalp

    • Flushing or hot flashes- episodes of vasodilation that lead the patient to have redness and heat at a transient body level

    Recommendations for the maintenance of menopausal skin

    • Moisturizing the skin with extra moisturizing creams; at least 3 times a day.

    • Short baths with warm, almost cold water.

    • Use soaps that do not have perfumes, and that say neutral on their label. This so that they do not sweep the little fat that menopausal skin generates.

    • Daily sun protection in all sun exposure areas even if you are inside the house.

    • Do not expose yourself to the sun during the peak hours of ultraviolet radiation between 11:03 p.m.

    • Forget about bad habits such as alcohol, tobacco and staying up all night, because they will not do your skin any benefit.

    • Balanced diet with products rich in antioxidants and collagen and vitamin E that eliminate free radicals.

    • Do not go to bed without removing your makeup.

    Other suggestions

    • Use soaps that maintain the proper pH of the intimate area. This is to prevent dryness, recurrent vaginal infections, and atrophy and sensitive skin in the vulvovaginal area.

    • If you have significant hair loss, use 2% minoxidil suitable for women, and therapies such as platelet-rich plasma.

    • For transient flushing or hot flashes, they can be reduced or eliminated under hormone replacement therapy, sent by your gynecologist.

    • For dark hair on the face, semi-permanent hair removal wax can be used.

    Accelerated aging

    For accelerated aging, sagging, and wrinkles, prepare the best treatment plan with your dermatologist to minimize and rejuvenate that facial skin. A wide range of treatments is offered from lasers, peeling, bio-stimulators, Botox, hyaluronic acid supply through syringes at skin level. Each case must be individualized.

    It is recommended to check the skin once a year for moles and spots, because let’s remember that exposure through the time of our youth can have consequences. Among them, skin cancer, since it is at these ages where it appears the most, and prevent the most diagnosed cancer: skin cancer.

    I hope these recommendations have been helpful to you.

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