CDC Says Covid-19 Should No Longer Disrupt
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    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in a press release on August 11th, said that the agency “simplified” its Covid-19 Guide so that the public can better protect themselves. Of note, the CDC did not mention any different recommendations for unvaccinated people than for those who received the vaccine. Why not?

    “Today we are in a stronger place as a nation, with more tools, such as vaccines, boosters and treatments, to protect ourselves and our communities from serious illness from Covid-19”, said Greta Massetti, author of the Weekly Morbidity Report and CDC mortality. According to Massetti, we have a better understanding of how to protect people from exposure to the virus, such as using high-quality masks, testing, and improved ventilation. This guide acknowledges that the pandemic is not over, but it also helps us get to a point where Covid-19 is no longer severely disrupting our daily lives.

    CDC Says Covid-19 Should No Longer Disrupt  Our Daily Lives

    What new tools are you talking about? We have had shots for 20 months, boosters for over a year, and very early “treatments” (if you consider the ones the CDC never recognized). Was the CDC against high-quality masks, testing, and improved ventilation before this bulletin?

    What exactly has changed? Are daily cases falling?

    No. They are not much different than they were in the fall of 2021, and are significantly higher than the summer breaks of the last 2 years. Death rates from Covid-19 are about the same across all reported age groups, whether or not a person is vaccinated.

    It would be very difficult for the CDC to have different guidelines based on vaccination status if there was no benefit to getting the shot. Isn’t this the real reason for the “simplified” orientation?

    Oh, and one last question; these data are 3 months old. How are the vaccinated doing compared to the unvaccinated now? Or is this not necessary now that there are no longer any special taxes for the unvaccinated?

    But one thing is for sure; if this has become a “vaccine pandemic”, we certainly do not want to see the data to prove it.
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