5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting
    Healthcare Services

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    Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the Digital Gateway have a key role in the evolution that health services are having after the pandemic. For Cisco, these are the ways these technologies are impacting patient care:

    1. They increase the speed of ​​care- Altogether, AI and NLP can increase the speed of care and increase the frequency of patient touchpoints, both before and after clinical interventions.

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    2. They collect relevant data- AI can guide a patient through an automated virtual triage exchange, and then selectively escalate to a contact center. This allows the medical professional to capture the interaction without losing any data in the process.

    3. They redirect emergencies- To avoid the saturation of the emergency lines, the AI ​​can initiate an interaction with the patient, catalog the degree of emergency of it and route it in the correct attention line. In this way, it frees up resources for emergency care.

    4. They add efficiency and effectiveness- Virtual care combined with AI and NLP make the patient’s journey in the medical center more efficient, eliminates intermediaries and speeds up the exchange of images, documents and diagnoses.

    5. They improve access to healthcare and patient satisfaction- Digital gateway technology can positively impact every interaction, from patient admission (scheduling, referrals, pre-op services, financial counseling, and revenue cycle), to who is discharged.

    “In the wake of the pandemic, health systems have seen increases in the volume of patient care channels. Artificial Intelligence offers the possibility of taking all the complexity to the background, so that each nurse, doctor and agent knows the contextual information they need to meet the patient where they are and in the channel of their choice”, commented Joshua Sibaja, Cisco Public Sector Manager. Cisco combines these technologies to encompass digital collaboration through voice, text, email, and Artificial Intelligence chatbots. In this way, it achieves better communication between care teams and patients.

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