Climate Change, More Difficult to Combat than the Pandemic?

    It is essential that we working to avoid a disastrous future for our planet

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    Our planet is living very serious moments, due to the serious consequences through -bad human action-. Beyond a worldwide Pandemic, climate change appears to be worse, if people’s lack of awareness persists.

    This is the moment, don’t forget it

    Bill Gates, the US magnate, philanthropist and co-founder of Microsoft, recently gave an alarming forecast on climate change. For Gates, the consequences of climate change “may be more serious than those of a Pandemic, if humanity fails to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero in the next 30 years.”

    Regarding the issue of carbon emissions, he assured that they are increasing throughout the world and that in the future, they will come mainly from basic services in many developing countries, such as air conditioning, construction or transportation.

    According to Bill Gates, reducing electricity consumption is talked about a lot, “but that is not the right way to reduce emissions to zero.” For example, the only way to achieve the proper goal, “is not to drive less, but to drive a zero-emission car.”

    The planet suffers from the absence of consciousness
    Two years ago, specialists emphasized that Costa Rica had environmental debts, -obviously-, due to the access and protection of water sources, the expansion of pineapple, the felling of trees and the overexploitation of fishing resources, many of them continue to occur .

    For a long time, what has caused annoyance among environmental protectors and fighters has been the situation of the pineapple trees in the surroundings of the Térraba Sierpe National Wetland (HNTS).

    The unconscious theme of mining

    In much of the world, it is excavated to extract a precious metal, a coal fuel or an ancient mineral. Such materials are in the hands of unconscious groups of people. Many materials take millions of years to settle or crystallize, but only a few moments to be removed with machinery and explosives.

    Here are some of the ways mining has transformed the Earth’s surface, many of them referred to as scars:

    Aerial view of “Pegmatite 3”, the world’s largest mining pit, at the Koktokay National Geopark on September 27, 2020 in Fuyun County, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China.
    (Photo 1)

    Aerial view of Da Qaidam Salt Lake (also known as Emerald Lake) on Aug 5, 2020 in Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province of China.
    (Photo 2)

    Rusty iron ore in the Riotinto mining area, in the province of Huelva, Spain.
    (Photo 3)

    A general view of the Los Filos gold mine in Guerrero state, Mexico.
    (Photo 4)

    Climate Change Law

    A few days ago, it became known that the Spanish Congress approved the Climate Change and Energy Transition Law, five years after the Paris Agreements. This is the first climate law in the European country, whose objective is to meet international objectives and achieve the so-called “climate neutrality” before 2050.

    This Climate Change Law contains:
    – Reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the Spanish economy as a whole in 2030 by at least 23% compared to 1990.
    – Achieve a penetration of renewable energy sources in the final energy consumption of at least 42%.
    – Achieve an electrical system with at least 74% generation from renewable energy sources. – Improve energy efficiency by reducing primary energy consumption by at least 39.5%, with respect to the baseline according to community regulations.

    Did you know?

    The European country that suffers the most from climate change is Italy. The Piazza San Marco in Venice, in Italy, as one of the most photographed tourist spots in the world has a lot to do with the causes of climate change.

    The exoticism of this city full of canals was, when the health situation allowed it, a constant coming and going of tourists from all over the world. They were attracted by its canals, its masks, its gondolas and that air mixed with history, nostalgia and mystery that so well envelops all of Italy.

    This city is completely conditioned by water and tides. So much so that, periodically, there is a phenomenon known as “acqua alta” that is caused by a rise in sea level of more than 90 centimeters. When this happens, Venice is flooded.

    Effects of climate change on our day-to-day work

    Climate change is definitely one of the most important challenges that must be tackled globally. In fact, the International Labor Organization warned that the phenomenon is producing, in the short, medium or long term, a serious disruption of economic and social activity in many sectors on all continents. As representative examples, experts mention the repercussions of global warming in the agricultural, energy and tourism sectors.

    Agricultural sector

    Climate changes and the increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events will affect crop yields and livestock management and will influence the choice of production sites.

    Energy sector

    Global warming will have a direct effect, both on the supply and demand of energy.

    Tourism sector
    The increase in temperatures in already warm areas and the disappearance of snow cover in the case of winter tourism will affect the sector.

    There are various sectors that can be affected by Climate Change, this a worrisome issue worldwide, therefore, it is essential that we all start working so that nothing that specialists have reported towards a (disastrous) future is fulfilled.

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