What hotels will do to stand out from the crowd

    Around the world, there are accommodation options to suit the needs of everyone. From cheap hostels with shared bathrooms to luxury resorts where the staff cater to your every need. Other hotels put a great effort into making the visit an eye-popping experience for their guests.

    Ancient cultures and prehistoric discoveries in Costa Rica

    Three archeological sites in various parts of Costa Rica give an interesting glimpse into pre-Columbian life.

    Farming coffee in Costa Rica is not an easy job

    Costa Rica produces some of the best quality coffee in the world, which is mostly exported to other countries, so that foreigners can enjoy an excellent brew. However, life as a coffee farmer is above anything, a tough job.

    Fire Mountains and Earth Shakers: Costa Rica Legends and Myths

    A brief look into Costa Rican myths and legends surrounding volcanoes and earthquakes.

    Charter fishing near Cabuya, Costa Rica: Up close and personal

    The rod bent over, the line started to speed out with a satisfying whirring noise and everyone jumped to attention. Andrew reeled in a Jack, a Black Tuna...

    The Stone Spheres: A Costa Rican Mystery

    Nestled in the Diquis Delta near the town Palmar Sur is one of the most intriguing and unique finds throughout Costa Rica. Known to the Ticos who live in the area as Las Bolas, these stone spheres, some three hundred in number, have both puzzled and fascinated scholars and visitors alike.

    Places Every Tourist Should Visit in Central America

    Central America is known for some of the world's best diving sites, lush rainforests and active volcanoes as well as for its ancient Mayan temples.

    Get to Know Costa Rican Nature through Books

    Many of Costa Rica's greatest protectors of nature, including some prominent scientists, have written wonderful memoirs and novels about their experiences in Costa Rican nature. Through their work, we can discover the powerful resonance between nature and the literature it inspires.

    Who Will You Meet in the Rainforest? Part 2: Birds

    An introduction with photos to birds in Costa Rica for those interested in learning about some of the more conspicuous and frequently sighted birds of the rainforest.

    Who Will You Meet in the Rainforest? Part 1: Mammals

    Nearly every visitor to the tropical rainforest will have heard of its legendary biodiversity - dozens of species make each visit unique and thrilling. For many, the exuberance of tropical nature may have ranked highly among their reasons to visit or live in Costa Rica.
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    Experts Confirm Intense Cyclone Season in the Atlantic: IMN Warns That it is Not Possible to Predict Effects in Costa Rica

    Experts project the formation of 21 tropical cyclones for this year's hurricane season in the Atlantic Basin.This was informed...
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