Can I Reverse the Gray Hair?

    We can see gray hair recently in fashion, even in some people it can look very attractive with gray hair and it is a normal aging process

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    Around the age of 60, 90% of people have gray hair. But it is not the rule for everyone, like everything in life, because there are many people who can start to have white hair at an earlier age.

    Why do the gray hairs come?

    Hair turns gray because it is the result of loss of pigment with melanin that is present in our skin, eyes, and hair.In hair growth and its phases it is a process in which numerous nutrients and hormone growth factors are needed. This is when we can show how stress hormones can affect hair growth.

    Even if the stress is quite significant – such as being hospitalized or losing a loved one – it can cause hair growth to stop in about 3 to 6 months.Because below the surface of the skin on our head, there is the root of the hair follicle. There are some pigment-producing cells that begin to not respond, it is not yet fully understood why people begin to have gray hair.

    Can be reversed

    What is clear is that in some situations gray hair can be reversed.Hair has a cycle and is made up of a growth phase known as:

    Anagen phase: growth.

    Cartagena phase: rest

    Telogen phase: detachment or fall

    Now: what factors cause gray hair and that if you attend to them can reverse gray hair?

    • Stress: the hair pigment follows these cycles, that is, it is inactivated in the Telogen phase as ñp is after stress.
    • Smoking: oxidative stress generates gray hair at earlier ages.
    • Nutrient deficiency: malnutrition.
    • Drastic diets: more brittle hair and gray hair.
    • Pernicious anemia: vitamin B12 deficiency.
    • Deficiency of folic acid, iron, calcium and vitamin D.
    • Iron anemia: we can see alternating horizontal bands of lighter and darker hair. The clear zone refers to the time that this deficiency existed.

    These nutritional deficiencies are associated with premature graying and can revert to early diagnoses. Here I make a very important clarification, although many people use Biotin to improve hair, most are not deficient and therefore it is not useful.

    • Cancer: due to the inflammatory process of the affected follicle, but already treated, it re-pigments.

    Are the supplements effective?

    The answer is NO, but there are diseases that can be reversed and those cells can be helped to produce pigment again.It is important not to self diagnose. These deficiencies should be treated with your dermatologist.

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