Be Careful with Diabetic Feet!

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    In diabetic patients, taking care of their feet is very important since, if not done, it can lead to consequences such as a simple fungal infection or the amputation of a leg. In this blog, we will give you some tips to take care of the sensitive skin of these patients with the so-called ‘diabetic foot’ condition.

    Over time, these patients present medical problems such as neuropathy, which is a lack of sensitivity, decreased circulation and healing problems, adding these alterations lead to this patient being prone to complications.

    So I will give you a series of recommendations for diabetic foot care:

    Check your feet every day. The skin should be meticulously checked, preferably with a magnifying glass, to observe cracks or fissures that may be entrances to infections.

    When washing the feet of diabetic patients, it is important to use lukewarm water, almost cold, not very hot so that it does not generate any type of burn or irritation. Similarly, when scrubbing the soap, use a soft sponge; no tow, or brushes that can abrade the skin. To dry the feet you have to use a cloth by rubbing it very gently or place the cloth that absorbs the water from the skin with small pats.

    Moisturize properly. Place the moisturizer all over the skin of the feet, avoiding between the toes to avoid moisture and not create an environment prone to generating bacteria and fungi.

    Cut your nails carefully. It is essential that patients have their nails as short as possible, with a straight cut, eliminating the lateral tips by means of a file very gently. Never cut calluses or warts on the feet of diabetics, as they are prone to infection; In addition, its healing is very slow. To avoid complications, leave this to skin specialists such as dermatologists.

    Check your shoes inside. So that they do not contain any type of pebble, diabetic patients have neuropathy and do not feel pain, and having a stone could hurt their feet, and start some of the aforementioned complications.

    Do not walk barefoot. You should always wear shoes or sandals. Due to the neuropathy that diabetic foot patients present, they do not realize when wounds or traumas arise and develop infections.

    Control and monitor your diabetes level. Diabetic patients must have good control of their diabetes and their blood sugar levels, to avoid complications, as well as avoid or eliminate smoking, since they lead to poor circulation and infection and can affect diabetes.

    Therefore, if there is any complication such as skin ulcers, discharge from a wound or the fingers turning purple or red on the skin, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist or specialist in this ​​health area.

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