Cellulitis, itching, spots on the skin. During pregnancy, women experience many skin problems. Most are caused by hormonal changes experienced by the body in this stage of her life.

What changes can occur in the skin during pregnancy?

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During pregnancy, woman may notice an increase in skin pigmentation, specially in the area of the areola, nipples and vulva.

In the middle of the abdomen, the linea alba may appear,  vertically from the pubic symphysis to a few centimeters through the navel.

The face may also experience changes during pregnancy, it becomes hyperpigmented and the chloasma gravidarum appears as spots on the face.

All this occurs as a result of the hormonal changes that your body experiences during pregnancy.

Glowing skin.

Skin acquires a special glow during pregnancy for two different causes, on the one hand the hormonal changes induce the sebaceous glands of the skin to produce more fat.

On the other hand, there is an increase in blood flow in the epithelium, which increases the oxygenation of skin cells.

How should we take care of the skin during pregnancy?

During pregnancy the skin is more sensitive than ever, so it is important to take into account the following recommendations.

Shower or bath with soft soap daily, avoiding excessively high water temperatures that can cause hypotension.

Hydrate the skin well and frequently, especially the abdominal, gluteal and breast areas, to achieve good elasticity and avoid the appearance of cellulitis. Use SPF sunscreens above 45 to avoid hyperpigmentation.

The proper hygiene of the genital area is essential, from front to back (from urethra to anus), always using neutral soap. Vaginal douches are not recommended.


They appear in the vast majority of women as a result of the skin tightening that occurs during pregnancy. In most cases arising in the abdomen and in the breasts, but can also occur in the buttocks and hips. They gradually decrease after delivery and even disappear, but their formation cannot be avoided.

Red hand palms.

It is characteristic of increased estrogen concentration and can also affect the soles of the feet. Could cause itching.

How nails and hair behave during pregnancy.

Both can grow faster than usual and are apparently stronger. Nails may also become brittle and softer.


The most common is the one that occurs in the first moments of pregnancy, especially in those women whom menstruation was preceded by the appearance of skin rashes on the face.

However, in some who already had acne before pregnancy, it can become more accute.

Skin Stains

They are frequent and can be of different types.

Linea nigra.

It is a dark streak that runs from the bottom to the top of the abdomen.

Bluish legs.

It is more frequent in locations with cold weather and is characterized by discoloration of the skin in some areas of the legs. The spots disappear after delivery.

It is impossible to predict what changes occur in the skin of each woman while she is going through the pregnancy process, you can only prevent some of them by taking some precautions, the other changes are inevitable.

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