“Holistic Health”, Mind, Body and Spirit Working Together

Find out the many benefits in viewing your life by integrating all its components

“Holistic health”, considers that all the components of a human being must be intervened for a person to obtain optimal health, in the sense that, we cannot understand our mind, body, and spirit as separated entities.

Holistic or integral health is a state of dynamic equilibrium of the spiritual, psychic, organic, social and energetic components of the human being in a given context, which indicates that it is not just the absence of illness or disease. it is the natural state of every human being that is fostered when they receive a holistic education for meaningful learning, consolidating their awareness of wisdom and love, thus relying on the law of self-love.

Living with holistic health

A) Physical level:

Learn to appreciate and listen to your body in its entirety, it is very wise and will send you a signal. The discomforts or ailments that your body feels and that produce an imbalance will be reflected in various manners.

B) Emotional level:

Let go of what doesn’t work for you, like toxic relationships and situations. If you already know that it doesn’t suit you, why are you still there? Begin to recognize what is bothering you. Keep in mind that you are your teacher. Choose where you can invest your energy and try that it be for something productive.

C) Mental level:

All you think you know are only images that are projected into your mind based on beliefs that you have learned since you were born. Change your perception, your patterns, your beliefs, and judgments. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, look at yourself with love and see everyone from the heart.

D) Spiritual level:

Connect with nature, look at the moon and the stars, thank the sun that warms us every morning, contemplate and reflect on your life purpose.

Holistic health benefits

-Improve your health in all aspects:

You will feel better and therefore you will look better, over time you will get away from all kinds of negativity and the much-talked-about “I can’t”, an attitude that makes your spirits hit the ground and in turn, your health deteriorates. Remember how you feel you will be.

-Respect and admire your body:

Every human being, at one point in his life, has felt some kind of irregularity with his body; and this, in the society in which we live may seem quite normal. However, changing that negative mindset and starting to admire your body for the simple fact that it allows you to live day by day and to enjoy the wonders that the Earth offers us, is a blessing and a privilege.

-Manage to have healthy relationships with family and friends:

By maintaining a much more pleasant posture towards life, those around us will feel that wonderful aura and will be influenced by it. Also, remember avoiding negative people who do not contribute anything positive. If you manage to maintain self-esteem and respect for yourself, the rest will come also. Remember that your couple or partner can also be the reflection of that admiration you feel about yourself and together build a comprehensive relationship.

-Connecting with the source, your inner light, and the universe:

Connecting with the superior force of the Universe is an act of deepening spirituality in which you can choose to follow the path of connection with yourself, of self-knowledge, of self-management, of taking responsibility for that divine part that is in you and will always exist. Finally, connecting with your inner light affirms everything you believe in and above all unites you with what does you good, being able to return to our beginning, where our soul and spirit were in a state of purity and tranquility. This is a complex process, but with marvelous results, which can be achieved thanks to this connection with the Universe, your inner light, to achieve Holistic health.

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At Resonance, we aspire to live in harmony with the natural world as a reflection of our gratitude for life. We are co-creating an inspired and integrative community, committed to working, living and learning together. We resonate with that deep longing to belong to the hive and the desire to live the highest version of ourselves in service.
SOURCEKariarlys Mendoza
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