Achieve Optimal Health & Wellness at AmaTierra

Heal. Grow. Thrive.

In a calm, caring, professional manner, AmaTierra strives to accomplish pain relief, deep relaxation, and improved vitality for every client. Most people benefit from just one service, and the results are incredible. According to the owners, Bob and Jill Ruttenberg, being able to watch guests transform over the course of their stay is the most satisfying part of the job. Individuals come in, stressed and unsure of where they are on their life path, and they are able to relax, to find peace in their lives, to find a purpose. The owners take pride in seeing their efforts turn into results right before their eyes.

AmaTierra’s staff, under the direction of nutritionist and clinical herbalist Jill Ruttenberg, is a group of dedicated and professional individuals providing compassionate care to assist guests on their journey to wellness. They guide guests who have been to many doctors, but have not found good results using Western medicine. The drugs are too harsh, or they don’t want to be taking them. They provide guests with holistic healing therapies, helping them achieve their goals through healing the physical, mental, and spiritual being.

Breathtaking location

AmaTierra is nestled on 8 acres of land in the Costa Rican mountains, 1 hour west of San Jose and 1 hour north of the Central Pacific beaches. The location guarantees privacy, peace, and serenity. Most guests come to AmaTierra to relax, to let go of their worries; but for the more adventurous type, it is also the perfect place for a home-base during your travels throughout Costa Rica. Your time is really your own at AmaTierra. Guests can choose to explore the beaches, parks, hot springs, volcanoes, or nearby towns on day trips – or they can spend the day at the spa.

AmaTierra’s surrounding forest is home to 2 kinds of toucans and hundreds of varieties of birds and butterflies. Guests can adventure in the hiking trails around the resort, admiring the dozens of mango trees and reforested Pochote hardwood. The ecology and wildlife outside of the resort is just as impressive as the inside.

State of the art facility

This eco-resort provides guests with a friendly, homey atmosphere. It features an infinity-edge pool, dining room, balcony overlooking the forest, and 10 private mountain-side bungalows, each with an outdoor terrace. The elevation of the facility, at 2,000 feet, creates an ideal climate and allows for incredible views.

Uniquely designed to match the serenity of your surrounding, each bungalow  comes with its own bath tub, queen-sized bed, ceiling fan, refrigerator, coffee maker, phone, television, private terrace, and garden with outdoor seating. The terrace is the perfect place to watch birds, occasional white-faced monkeys, and other jungle wildlife. Hardwood furniture and a ceiling made of teak wood brings the atmosphere of the nature around you right into your room.

Impressive offers

AmaTierra sees many repeat guests, which is a sign that what they’re doing at the facility truly works. They have received the TripAdvisor Excellence Award, and have been featured in the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame for 6 years in a row. Travelers from all over the world choose to stay at this eco-resort, single men and women, couples, honeymooners, families – as well as local Ticos. AmaTierra offers a special offers just for Costa Rican residents: $100 +tax per night for 2 people, including full breakfast. This is an offer that you shouldn’t pass up! The resort and wellness center has other special offers as well, which can be found here.

“A Person is much more than a collection of bones, tissues and cells. We contain the Life force, and our aim is to keep it radiant by balancing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements of a Human Being”

The services AmaTierra offers are truly all-encompassing. Their gentle, Hatha style yoga classes emphasize breathing and deep stretching. The classes are tailored to suit anyone, no matter what age or ability level. The resort also offers nutritional consultation, massage therapy, biomats, detoxification therapies, energy balancing therapies, and general spa treatments. The description of these services and their prices can be found on their page.

AmaTierra offers both standard nightly rates and packages that will correspond to whatever you’re looking for in your trip to Costa Rica.

  • 3 Night Wellness & Nature
  • 5 Night Relax in Nature
  • 6 Night Organic Living Tour
  • 7 Night Yoga & Wellness
  • 9 Night Honeymoon
  • Detoxification Program
  • AmaTierra & Hermosa Beach
  • Ultimate Wellness Guanacaste

All of these packages include meals while you’re on the property. The food is all organic, most of it being grown right on the property. There is a greenhouse for salad greens, and farm-raised chicken for meat and eggs. The resort accommodates to vegetarian and vegan diets.

What makes this resort unique is that they not only offer mind and body therapy, but Jill is a clinical nutritionist and herbalist. She creates the meal plans and runs the detoxification program herself. She is trained in traditional Chinese medicine as well as Western herbal medicine. She also offers nutritional consultation to guests looking to address health issues and make a transformation in their lives.

For those who are seeking personal transformation, and a place to heal from the stresses of modern life, AmaTierra is the place for you. A week at this retreat and wellness center will lead you to a condition of optimal health: body, mind, and soul. Book your stay now!

We wish our guests to relax and have fun in a friendly atmosphere, to let nature be the primary healer, and to touch in with the local culture of rural Costa Rica. Please join us at AmaTierra and experience a truly unique retreat.

VIAThe Costa Rica News (TCRN)
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