A Powerful Spiritual Reflection of a Mom-To-Be In the Present Planetary Situation

I am 35 weeks pregnant during this particular time of human history and during this beautiful rite of passage to bring life, some insights come to me and I feel the need to share them.

I am deeply thankful to my beloved Gerard and my firstborn daughter Apamu for being by my side and I’m so deeply grateful to be surrounded by the jungle, the sounds of the birds and the flowing pristine river.

For a long time in our hearts, individually and collectively we have asked for a great change to happen. Knowing deeply that the society around us is based on priorities that are not part of our values of coexistence in harmony, respect, and peace, we invoked for something that could support the expansion of consciousness much needed to restore our wonderful planet, our dear Pacha Mama… for us, for our children and future generations.

For thousands of years, prophecies and revelations have been preparing us for this change of era, for a shift of frequency that in many cultures and traditions, from the Inca, Indian to the Native American all indicated it will happen in a cycle of almost 26.000 years … and NOW HERE WE ARE, dear Family, of Light … walking in this trembling bridge between two worlds, two paradigms, two eras, the old and the new “Golden Age” the New Renaissance of the Human Race.

While we are still crossing between these two opposing and fragmented realities, I am reminded of the metaphor and parallel that I usually share before our plant medicine ceremonies. I perceive this planetary moment and movement as the most important ceremony of our precious life!

Whatever happens, we are in full trust and full surrender of the perfection of all, without allowing any doubt to penetrate, knowing that it is part of the order and disorder of the Great Mystery…

As intense waves of emotions come, we go back to the most powerful tool that we have, our HOLY BREATH.

As our minds get stacked in a thought, we remind ourselves that we are not that thought … we observe it without identifying ourselves and we let it go practicing PRESENCE. When we experiment with a state of contraction we bring in EXPANSION, knowing that we are here to open up more and more, we are here to go beyond the appearance of illusion and the resistance of the ego.

The more we oppose the change the harder it is. The more we let it go embracing forgiveness and compassion, the more we allow the truth of our essence to be manifested and to bloom in the beautiful and sacred garden of our Soul.

We are the prayer of our Ancestors and we are the carriers of the Seeds of the New Humanity, we are the Hummingbird People, the Messengers of Love. We are the ones that know that a world based on separation is ending and that we are here to bring back interconnection and ONENESS. Knowing that in each moment, in each instant, with each breath, like the sovereign being that we are, we can choose between Love and Fear. We are the ones making the choice and nobody else can do it for us, even if everything around us it is been created to pump-up fear in all possible manifestations of illusion and separation, we know that WE ARE LOVE in the expansion … that we are courageous and faithful to embrace the unknown because the flame in our hearths still shines her fire lighting the way towards happiness, truth, and freedom.

This dear Mr. Virus is reminding us that there is no distinction between races, social status, gender, etc. and that everybody can be affected. It seems that the entire world needed this reminder to bring back more unity in diversity.

What matters? As part of our new choices, we should ask ourselves this question starting to prioritize the important things: being grateful, without taking things for granted, finding joy in simplicity, putting back our hands in the soil planting our food and trees, protecting our waters.

We remember that the way of our spiritual evolution is shown by the way how we relate with each other and that the only way to move through all this is TOGETHER because together WE RISE! Lifting each other, we keep our Spirit strong and elevated to the highest frequency of our Divine potential, cultivating our inner beauty, kindness, generosity, compassion, etc. Integrating deeply a state of inner peace and a mental state of stillness and contemplation. This is the time to use all the “tools of wisdom” that we have been collecting and received, that we have been asking to be shown and revealed to us.

It is the moment to embrace our vulnerability acknowledging our old patterns, facing the shadow that until now, we didn’t want to see. Knowing that YES if it is happening to us, means that we have the strength to face it and that is part of our training to shine even brighter the best version of ourselves, embodying the “Light Worker/Peace Maker” that we are. Having the sharp clarity to discover all the teachings and the lessons hidden behind challenges and to dig deeper into our unconscious mind to awaken the mastery that connects us all in the higher dimension of existence, appreciating in every instant of the awaken self, the true meaning of Life.

It is the time to strengthen our prayers, uniting our intentions for a New and Restored Humanity, praying for the lost souls to find the way back home … praying for the passage of all the elders that are facing death, praying for all those families that are confined in terrible situations, praying for those who are vibrating in fear … praying for the mental enlightenment of the world leaders … praying for the Dawn of a New Humanity.

Because faith is unlimited and the more we have faith, the more we allow miracles to happen. The more we believe, the more we create. Because we know that our thoughts are so powerful and that inside each one of us there is a creator and that as we are all holding the same positive thoughts for this New Earth co-creation we can manifest it. We are the Faith Keepers and the Dream Weavers.

Besides the multitude of conspiracy theories, the different opinions, the thousands of videos in the media, etc. I feel that in the end, it creates imaginary enemies that we have to fight against and indue separation while it is time to remember that we are all One.

We choose not to feed that reality and we choose to see the positive behind all of this, the ripple effect that it is having on human consciousness, touching and opening up so many hearts to the spirit of solidarity and service to others, reconnecting to the core of truly human values.

The sweetest thing of all this is that OUR dear Planet Earth, Pacha Mama finally is having her so much needed moment of detox and regeneration … and as we tune in with her, she is supporting all of her children that have been maintaining the connection with her Spirit or that they are finding it back … following the ancient ways of the indigenous people of recognition, respect and honor of the spirit of Gaia.

As I am preparing to give birth at home in the Jungle to our little Angel Suyana, I feel so much strength knowing that in the middle of all this confusion, the Bird Tribe is showing up in so many ways … and that we are reuniting in the love that is growing in our hearts, with the clarity that every day is surfacing in our minds and the healing that connect us all.

Let’s keep singing our medicine songs, let’s keep dancing to the waves of our sacred temple body, let’s embrace the forgotten state of Being instead of Doing for a little while, let’s embrace Love with no limits and for the moment let’s hug each other in the astral dimension.


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