Argentinian Woman Started Tour in Skateboard through Costa Rica

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    Evangelina González is an Argentine who set herself a goal: to travel from Panama to Nicaragua on an electric skateboard. The native of Mendoza arrived in Costa Rica, after crossing the Sixaola border post.

    González said that her first stage has been the southern Caribbean. In fact, she gave statements from a point in that area, where she recounted an uncomfortable episode that she experienced there. She was riding her skateboard when, she said, a father with 2 young children verbally harassed her.

    However, this does not detract from her energy or spirit to continue through Costa Rica, a country that she described as “beautiful, beautiful”. In a video of her on her TikTok account, she asks Costa Ricans to greet her if they see her and even not to whistle her to avoid an accident.

    Her project includes other countries

    González travels alone and, although she acknowledged feeling “afraid” to do so, she also assured that this feeling allows her to continue with her project “One more kilometer”.

    She told the Mendoza channel that the name lies in the fact that she does not know what will happen in the next kilometer. “It’s going down the road and getting carried away by the adventure. It is traveling differently… it is being up on the board and seeing the landscape differently, feeling the air and dimensioning the landscape in another way”, she expressed.

    Asked by the drivers if she travels alone or with someone else, she said that she does it without company. This differs from a trip -also on an electric skateboard- that she made last April through Portugal. There she was accompanied by a couple of her friends.

    For now, she González hopes for the encouragement -and even protection- of good-hearted Costa Ricans to achieve her goal of reaching Nicaragua. Her plan is finishing the tour in Germany, at the end of this year.

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