How Can Virtual College Tours Help You To Choose the Right College?

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    Going off to college is a big step. It’s the first one many young adults take towards the career path that the majority of them will follow for the rest of their lives. It’s a big part of the educational experience. So, when it’s time to pack up and take that big step, it is better to make sure that you’re going to the school that is right for you. And a virtual college tour can help you make sure that, wherever you’re going, it’s the best choice.

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    What Is a Virtual Tour? How Can It Help Costa Ricans?

    A “virtual tour” is exactly what it sounds like – a tour of a college or university that you can do online. There are different ways of doing a virtual tour, but most universities offer two main things: Information about the college or university, and a chance to see the way everything looks like. The numbers for how many schools offer this are fuzzy, but it is approximately 1,300 learning facilities.

    See More Colleges

    In-person university tours are always a great idea. However, it can take a great deal of time. Depending on the colleges and universities you’re interested in, it can either be a short drive or a long flight from campus to campus. That leaves a lot less time for other things such as finishing up that essay some schools require. You may even find yourself begging people “Please write my essay!” or turning to help online for the essay writing when the jet-lag gets particularly bad. This, along with the cost of fuel or plane tickets, will mean that you can’t visit all of the colleges that you would probably like to. For potential students coming from Costa Rica or other places outside of the country, you may find it even more difficult, less time-efficient, and more expensive. But with virtual college tours, you don’t have that problem and can see more schools.

    See the Campus

    Your school is where you will likely live for at least the next four years. Most of your time will be spent there. Because of that, you need to know what the campus is like. With virtual campus tours, this is quite easy to do. Explore the housing options, the library, the grounds themselves. Is there a coffee shop or a place to eat at the campus itself? Nearby? Are the dorms nice, or falling apart? A quick virtual tour will answer all these questions for you.

    Learn the History

    Unless it’s just opened, all schools have a history. Some are good, some are bad, some are interesting, and some are dull. But a quick peek into history books of a college can show the kind of school it is, and whether it is right for you. Do you want a school that is steeped in important history? Or would you prefer the one that was more laid-back and quiet, never really making the waves?

    Check Out Activities and Clubs

    A lot of students like to take part in extracurricular activities. This can be anything from a formalized sports team to a less rigid group such as a book club or a study group. Whatever the case is with you, having a grasp of the activities and clubs at a school can tell you if it’s right for you.

    education Costa Rica

    Learn the Most Important Information

    The most important thing about a school really depends on the student considering it. Whatever your list might include (Near a town, so you can get a job? Easy public transportation, so you don’t need a car?), you can find that information in the majority of virtual tours. You can also weed out some white lies that universities often tell. Do the dorm rooms not match what the pamphlet said that they would? Does it claim to be near a metropolitan area, but are really half an hour from there? You can find the answers. This is especially important if you’re coming from Costa Rica, or somewhere else a great distance away. The last thing you want is to be thousands of miles from home and realize that you hate the university you study at.

    Include Your Family

    Of course, when making the decision about college, you’ll likely want your family’s approval. You might even ask your parents what they think since they’ve likely done the same thing before. Today, it is common for both parents to work making it hard to bring everyone along for multiple college tours. It’s even harder if a more elderly relative, one that can’t travel, wants to add their two cents as well. After all, flying from Central America to the Midwest of the United States can be hard on the elderly. Virtual tours mean that everyone can come along from the living room couch.

    An in-person college tour is great, but not always feasible. There are so many advantages associated with virtual tours that it makes sense that you make use of them. So pull up the computer, smartphone, or even TV, gather the family and start your search.

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