Annular Solar Eclipse Will Attract Tourists to the Costa Rican Caribbean in October 2023

    Next October, the Atlantic region of Costa Rica will experience an annular solar eclipse, in which the moon will partially cover the sun

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    Costa Rica is preparing to receive a natural spectacle that will mark the country’s history on October 14th: a deep partial solar eclipse in most of the territory and an annular solar eclipse in the Caribbean region, where the moon will be placed completely in front of the sun, leaving a strip of “annularity”. This event is seen as an excellent opportunity to increase tourist occupancy in the region, which is already preparing to receive thousands of visitors. The Chamber of Tourism and Commerce of the South Caribbean is creating a Festival with the central axis of the solar eclipse and everything that surrounds it for these dates.

    Despite the fact that October is a month associated with rains in a large part of the country, it is expected that the event will be seen by the entire population at some point in its phases, since it will last approximately 3 and a half hours, starting after at ten in the morning and ending minutes before 2:00 p.m., local time. In addition, in the Caribbean region, the moon is centered in the solar disk, which will allow visitors to have a unique experience.

    Eye protection necessary

    It is important to mention that observing the eclipse without any type of protection can burn the retina and cause direct damage to the eyes, especially due to the prolonged duration of the event. For this reason, the Cientec Foundation is already selling solar filters for people and for the cameras that will take images of the eclipse. In addition, courses and campaigns will be given to prepare leaders from different regions so that they instruct communities on the safe way to observe the eclipse, as well as eliminate many myths related to these natural events.

    Can be seen by everyone

    Even if the sky is cloudy, the event is expected to be seen by the entire population at some point in its phases, so it is important that everyone has the opportunity to observe it safely. The natural phenomenon is taken as an excellent opportunity to increase occupancy and lodging, during a time of year when the region has good weather conditions to receive tourists. The tourism sector in the area is prepared for the increase in visitors expected on the dates of the solar phenomenon, and they hope to have better road access according to the reforms that began this year, which will facilitate visitation.

    In conclusion, the solar eclipse that will take place in Costa Rica on October 14th is a natural phenomenon that will remain in the memory of all the people who will have the opportunity to enjoy it. The Caribbean region will witness an annular solar eclipse, which has motivated the creation of a Festival to receive thousands of tourists and increase tourist occupation in the area.

    It is important that the population is informed about the safe way to observe the eclipse, since not doing so can cause serious damage to the eyes. Costa Rica is preparing to receive visitors and offer them a unique and unforgettable experience.

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