Interactive Learning Revolutionizes Classrooms in Costa Rica

    In-person attendance at schools generates new trends through hybrid classrooms and interaction with technology

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    Given the perspective of virtuality, the educational modality that most of us knew changed momentously and unexpectedly, giving rise to new teaching methods to which it was necessary to adapt in a short time and, in many cases, with inappropriate tools.

    The conventional didactic material, be it books, photocopies, slides or encyclopedias, were complemented with available online resources, such as videos, games, interactive systems, songs, and many other resources accessible from a computer.

    Modernizing their technological resources

    Many educational centers have found it necessary to modernize their technological resources as a result of the satisfactory results of virtuality, for which reason face-to-face education is benefiting from the contributions of educational technology.

    It is important that, from the classrooms, those that are proposed as new learning environments be used in a didactic way and that allow the development of teaching action. To do this, introduce students to the essential knowledge of technology in hybrid classrooms, as well as implement innovative tools that allow them to develop digital skills.

    Collaborative learning will be strengthened this year through spaces in which students can develop individual and group skills from joint discussion, which generates learning in various areas thanks to the interaction of the members. This enhances problem solving, the achievement of academic objectives, communication, commitment and the capacity for innovation in students, generating more active and enriching learning experiences.

    An example of this is the Juan Santamaría School of Excellence, which became a benchmark for the revolution in the teaching model in Costa Rica, by converting its 32 classrooms into interactive spaces, thanks to the installation and use of state-of-the-art projectors. The educational center located in Curridabat teaches classes in a different, more fun and attractive way. During the pandemic they used the tool and now back in face-to-face classes they have generated greater student participation.

    State-of-the-art projectors

    Projectors have come to the field of education to make changes in the way educators teach and students learn. Some benefits of this technology are the promotion of active learning through participation with the content, allowing interaction, explanation or presentation through visual materials; as well as the development of critical thinking through adaptability to technology, visual problem solving and the possibility of using multimedia materials. Projectors increase learning and retention by 78% and 82% the increase in attention span and memory.

    In addition, these technologies increase the enthusiasm and commitment of students, since there is a greater motivation to pay attention. They also allow you to create a common experience when the teacher or a group of students make a presentation, the screen creates a common experience where everyone participates at the same time.Greatly enhancing the educational experience.

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