Ancestral Culture: An Exchange Of Indigenous Cultures In Costa Rica For You To Learn From And Connect With

    Diego Diaz one of the creative minds behind the event, tells us all the details of the meeting of indigenous communities of Costa Rica, fostering the spirit of unity and mutual learning, expanding it with the presence of the wisdom of the jungle and mountain of Brazil...

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    The reunions and exchanges of knowledge will always be ideal to nourish our minds, our being, and, therefore, that essence that characterizes us. Everything goes in common directions for many: enriching our spirit, knowledge, connection with the wise nature, and strengthening ties between tribes, in addition to bringing the public closer to their practices and traditions.

    And with the above, I am referring to the event “Ancestral Culture”, which will take place on Saturday, March 16, and Sunday, March 17 in Jacó, Puntarenas.

    At the meeting, people will be able to witness a special meeting of indigenous communities of Costa Rica and will maintain a mutual learning, of amplitude with the wisdom of the jungle and mountains of Brazil. The public will be able to learn and connect with the ancestral teachings, it will be two days of enrichment of the being.

    This event is organized by the Sovereign Alliance Foundation together with Resonance Costa Rica, sponsored by TOJI Nature Retreat, The Ocean Park, and the support of SER Restaurant and Elixir Bar of Jacó.

    Regarding the realization of Cultura Ancestral, we spoke with Diego Díaz, who together with Daniel Yepez and a committed team has been the mastermind of such a magnificent event.


    Initially, we talked about the Sovereignty Alliance foundation from which the organization of Cultura Ancestral (Sovereignty Alliance), founded in 2023 as a collective initiative that primarily seeks to create opportunities for individuals and communities, protecting their growth through freedom and Diego highlighted “that it is an essential value to create sovereignty in its different layers such as cultural, religious and political expression. This is achieved with activities such as Ancestral Culture, where the space is opened for different cultures to join together to share knowledge and wisdom to nurture each other, with the free will to perform their traditional ceremonies, creating new experiences that enrich them with tools to strengthen their communities.

    In this way, Ancestral Culture is an important activity to forge that sovereignty, it is to preserve and protect nature through medicinal plants along with all the ancestral knowledge that accompanies them and that benefits humanity in mental, physical, and spiritual health.

    Roots, values, and approaches

    Diego is a native of San Jose, Costa Rica. He grew up between Heredia and Cartago; as a child, he attended the Castella Conservatory, where he was formed with a fundamental foundation in music and the arts. “In my adolescence, I emigrated with my mother to the United States, where I attended some schooling and after some time, I decided to return to Costa Rica because I found it closer to my values and felt a need to deepen my roots and be close to nature,” he added.

    He then continued his studies with the guitar and the arts, picking up a bit of each school without being tied to a specific tradition, which today keeps him appreciating the value of diversity, and honoring everything that allows one to be more authentic and free, which he considers essential for his evolution.

    That is to say, his main focus is on music, the arts, and his development with spirituality and self-knowledge; “the guitar is my greatest passion, I dedicate a lot of my time to it and I have allowed myself to weave paths and opportunities with it. Everything I have found that has filled my life with value, I owe it to the confidence I have for the path of music, culture, and honoring the wisdom of our native peoples,” said Diaz.

    Currently, Diego is living in San Mateo de Alajuela, very committed to the work of rescuing and learning the traditions and wisdom present in the native peoples of the continent through music and cultural management.

    Lessons from the road

    All human beings have experiences and with them, lessons leave us great learning; we come forged by principles, values and those words full of love for those who accompanied us in childhood, Diego Diaz, emphasized that he is guided by the value of trust, patience, and determination.

    “I have learned that from the receptivity and openness that one can show to life, regardless of the circumstances, everything manages to flow in ways that one does not imagine and although on the way there are teachings, it is necessary to be patient so that a vision or an opportunity is born where the best that one can give is present,” he said.

    In that way, the organizer of Cultura Ancestral considers that he has learned that failure is an illusion and that there is a great opportunity when something happens that is not planned, it is the best moment to highlight authenticity and get up; “what keeps all this spun is integrity, respecting oneself to move forward whatever the obstacle in between. Everything has its place and moment, beyond the motivation to achieve something in the future, I try to flow with the present inspiration in this moment.”

    More details about Diego

    Diego, is an eternal student always looking to learn more.

    In college he enrolled in the Faculty of Fine Arts where he studied a part of the career of Pictorial Art; having studied at the Castellale Conservatory provided the opportunity to develop a creative and intuitive base that allows him today to move easily through different areas.

    Beyond everything, the academic path has not been the main source of her growth, “I think there are different ways to get to the same place, and I have chosen mine to be the experience of a fine intuition that achieves results beyond my abilities”.

    Dedication…Diego, besides dedicating himself to music, has the joy of working with Resonance Costa Rica, a community focused on the development of consciousness and spiritual growth through retreats, rescuing the traditional wisdom of native peoples. “This line of work fills me with satisfaction, our ability to evolve and grow is a great responsibility that we have in these times”.

    Previously, he worked as an administrative and financial consultant in transnational companies, but in his opinion, he found himself increasingly misaligned in his life purpose and with a weight of dissatisfaction that did not make him feel fully happy.

    Despite everything, he is grateful because he recognizes that where he is now, would not have been possible without the knowledge and experience he acquired before, “everything is going in the order you need to continue evolving, although the time always comes to make the decision that best suits you and that is your grain of sand,” said Diego.

    Spiritual world

    Diego has been captivated to learn and inquire about everything, not to take an idea or opinion as the truth, but to understand that life is in constant movement and that what one calls -truth-, can also be something that is useful to one at some point and that, in turn, may be relative to others.

    On the spiritual path, the spirit of wonder fills him and drives him to move forward, learning from grandfathers and grandmothers who allow him to connect with the memory of origin “that in this society has been hidden”.

    When he thinks about what led him to the spiritual path, he is grateful for that great mystery because from an early age, more than 10 years ago, a person close to him spoke to him and taught him the art of following his breath “and there it all began in simplicity. Everything seemed to me at that moment as if doors in front of me were opening wide with many possibilities as if I was breathing for the first time. In that journey, I continue to embark and in the course, I nourish myself with the wisdom of the East: Yoga, Buddhism applying those ancient wisdom teachings in everything I can; learning how it is linked to this path where I am now, related to the wisdom of the law of origin in our continent, learning and advancing at a snail’s pace, as it is immense knowledge, every day more inspired to be in connection with mother earth and the life force within me,” he said.

    Similarly, one cannot fail to add that, above all, he has learned the value of love and dignity, knowing that life is a great gift and the best: “is to have gratitude as the bond that covers everything at every moment; that although we have imperfections or limitations at a time, one is a great work of art that can participate in this creation with goodwill and energy, intentions in line with the heart to continue learning.


    The organizer of the event Cultura Ancestral, tries not to focus on the idea of the future as the point of projection, from the present he intends to sow everything that can flourish and that serves as a point of reflection to nurture the path that will lead to another time or space, as may be in 1 or 5 years.

    With gratitude in her heart, she envisions being an expanded version of all that is present today and recognizing herself as nourishment for happiness, “such as the advancement in the path of learning the indigenous traditions of this and other lands, the flow of music as a form of sustenance and the ability to create gatherings and meetings like this Cultura Ancestral that for me, only need to increase, in a world that so cultivates separation, unifying us is what we need most.

    Ancestral Culture for all

    In the event, four tribes of Costa Rica are invited: Borúca, Cabécar, Huetar, and Maleku so that they can exchange knowledge and tradition among themselves, have mutual learning, and in this way, they can be nourished with the wisdom of other peoples, such as Brazil, the natives of this country, are very active “and for this, we have Costa Rebelo, a man whom we respect in the community for his career, integrity, and knowledge,” said Diego.

    Also, the event counts with the presence of Luis Tamani from Peru, an artist recognized for his beautiful visionary art.

    Finally, Diego invites the public to be part of this beautiful opportunity, to be enriched by the knowledge that each line has to offer, the fact of witnessing this space of unified growth among the tribes, will be the best experience.

    Here is a detailed list of the activities that will take place on Saturday, March 16 and 17 through Cultura Ancestral:

    Saturday, March 16:

    Opening Talk – 9:00 a.m.

    Huetar: Traditional Ceremony Traditional Natural Dyes Workshop.

    Major Juan, will perform a traditional cleansing ceremony. Members participate in the process of manufacturing plant-based dyes and will create a painting or artistic exploration together.

    ✓FSI (Sacred Fire/Costa Rebelo) with international guests.

    ✓ Unification Temazcal.

    In this temazcal, the intention is to continue with the process of unification of the tribes through direct experience, the idea is that all tribes can attend and nourish themselves with this ancient wisdom that cleanses and transforms so much. This experience of a high therapeutic level raises our frequency and allows greater fluidity in life to balance and activate our potential.

    ✓Traditional Boruca mask workshop taught by Lourdes Rojas.

    Participants will be able to paint their masks under the guidance of Lourdes while learning about Boruca history and culture, traditional chicha will be available.

     Cabécar Medicinal Plants Workshop and Traditional Music Offering.

    Representatives of the Cabécar Tribe will share their knowledge about medicinal plants and traditional medicine, they will bring baskets to give to people so that they can take home these plants can apply what they have learned, at the same time, there will be an offering of traditional Cabécar music, where they collectively intend one of these medicines for the health and abundance of all.

    Ceremonial Medicine Music Concert.

    Resonance Community will present a medicine music ceremony called “Multicolor Path”, a concept that brings together elements and soundscapes in 4 directions, using the wisdom of the medicine wheel to create a design that raises the frequency and opens the heart. In it, diverse cultures and forms of expression are present, vibrating in harmony and expansion.

    Sunday, March 17:

    Medicinal Nutrition Temazcal with a special guest from Brazil, Costa Rebelo.

    A very special Untemazcal brought by Costa Rebelo, from a tradition that brings together ancestral knowledge and medicine in Latin America uniting traditions from North and South. This path is FSI (Sacred Fire of itzachilatlán) and with this temazcal design it goes deeper, it seeks to nourish the being with purpose, health, power, and expansion with a design that includes medicinal plants. It will be a limited space and each person who participates must consult previously due to its extension.

    At 10:30 a.m. there will be a ceremonial cocoa circle, where they will share cocoa with the community while having a small Kirtan or mantra music to uplift the space. A simple offering to connect with the medicine of cacao.

    At 11:00 a. m. begins the indigenous crafts market where the tribes will be able to offer their products for sale and will have local products, live music, and lots of love flowing to bring the community closer together.

    At 3:00 p.m. will be a special presentation of the Maleku story along with a very special dance ceremony, “that will make us live an important practice of the expression of these cultures”.

    At 4:30 p.m... “we will have the closing activity of the workshops with a visionary art workshop led by Luis Tamani, this great and renowned Peruvian artist will bring us the opportunity to understand how to connect with our spirit and the visions we carry within through art, it is a practice of great therapeutic benefit. This will be a workshop that includes materials” specified Diego.

    At 6:00 p.m. the audience will enjoy a very special dinner sponsored by SER restaurant, for the tribes, sponsors, and organizers of the event. It will be an event to open the table to reflections.

    If you want to know more about the event, write to Diego at 8754-6850 and 8818-0262; his email is [email protected]. You can follow the social media accounts: [email protected] and @resonance.costarica; Facebook Resonance Costa Rica.

    Remember, it is an event for all ages, there will be activities for children and there are packages for the whole family…

    Resonance Costa Rica
    At Resonance, we aspire to live in harmony with the natural world as a reflection of our gratitude for life. Visit and subscribe at Resonance Costa Rica Youtube Channel

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