An Anticipated and Intense Rainy Season in Costa Rica, Meteorologist Foresee for This Year

    Although the La Niña phenomenon loses intensity, it is predicted that it could reappear in the second part of the rainy season

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    The rainy season will arrive in Costa Rica earlier than expected with greater intensity, although less than in 2020. This was announced this past Tuesday by the National Institute of Meteorology (IMN).

    According to forecasts, the downpours will arrive first in the southern Pacific of the country between March 27 and 31; to the Central Pacific between April 26 and 30, while for the Central Valley and the North Zone it will be between May 6 and 10. The forecast for the Nicoya Peninsula is that the rains will begin to occur between May 11 and 15 and between May 16 and 20 in the North Pacific.

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    During the first part of the rainy season, it is expected that there will be rainier conditions than usual in the Pacific and the Central Valley, contrary to the Caribbean where more deficits are expected.

    Attentive to the weather conditions

    “We must remember that our rainy season is characterized by heavy downpours, which are usually accompanied by lightning strikes and, on some occasions, even by hail and whirlwinds. For this reason, the population is called upon to be attentive to the weather conditions, particularly in places that are repeatedly flooded,” said the director of the IMN, Werner Stolz.

    “La Niña” will come

    Another aspect to take into account is that, although the La Niña phenomenon is losing strength, it is expected that for the second part of the rainy season it will reappear. “It should be noted that in none of the scenarios for this year is the possibility of El Niño contemplated, which means that a drought in the Pacific area is unlikely,” added Stolz.

    As for the cyclone season, it is estimated to be less intense compared to 2020, when 30 occurred. What is forecast is that between 15 to 20 tropical cyclones and at least seven to 10 hurricanes will form.

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