A Longevity Pill Could Extend Human Lifespan to Over 100 Years

    Senolytic drugs claim to slow down aging and prolong life expectancy

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    Do you want to live more than 100 years? Although it may seem like something out of a Hollywood movie, scientists are searching for a longevity pill that will extend the life expectancy of human beings. A drug capable of fighting aging cells.

    “The senolytics created at Mayo Clinic were administered once and eliminated senescent or zombie cells from the bloodstream, which contribute to various diseases and negative aspects of aging,” said the US institution.

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    Following this discovery, scientists such as Andrew Steele have been interested in finding ways to slow down aging, a topic he addresses in his book The New Science of Aging Without Ageing.

    How does it work?

    The famous pill of longevity would eliminate the cells of aging, which would make the body stay biologically younger.“The idea of ​​this drug, the senolytics, is that it kills these cells that are largely responsible for our aging. That’s where those toxins accumulate as we grow, as our age advances. The idea of ​​this drug is to kill those cells that are responsible for our aging, thus age would be delayed,”explained the British biologist to W Radio.

    In addition, Steele clarified that the purpose of extending the lives of humans is that they not only live longer, but also enjoy good health, as has happened with the mice in scientific analysis.


    “It has been seen that they have a better quality of life when they are given these senolytics. We assume that in humans, although it has not been proven, it will be the same. You are going to live longer and with a better quality of life”, said the expert.

    Research controversy

    The drug, which is still under investigation, has generated controversy among the scientific community. There are those who consider that it is an unrealistic idea and that scientific efforts should focus on curing diseases.

    “Money should be put into research that delays the incidence of age-associated diseases. First because of the personal cost, second because of the family cost and why not say it, also because of the social cost”, highlighted Jose Luis Trejo.

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