A Fascinating Wave from Peru to the World

    Just 70 kilometers north of Trujillo, surf lovers can enjoy the longest left wave in the world in Chicama.

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    There are many who dream of living different adventures, even if they are outside our borders. One of those great adventures designed for the most demanding tastes is found in Peru and draws the best of its essence for those who are lovers of surfing. Of course we are talking about the town of Chicama, in Peru.

    Chicama is a town located on the north coast of Peru, specifically 70 kilometers from Trujillo, one of its main cities. In this place, locals and visitors encounter a phenomenon of nature without equal.

    It is known as the longest left wave in the world, in which it is even possible to surf for more than 2 kilometers. As additional information, we can tell you that in this place the waves even reach up to 2.5 meters in height at their maximum expression.

    An ideal space to impose new challenges

    Taking into account the aforementioned, the magic of these coasts makes it a habitual and favorite scenario to establish time, distance and maneuver challenges.

    Likewise, today,Chicama has become a regular setting for breaking records of distance, maneuvers and times. This peculiar town is also recognized among the other towns for being an earthly paradise for surfers worldwide.

    A unique discovery

    It was not until 1965, when the Hawaiian surfer Chuck Shipman observed a wave of this magnitude in the plane in which he was flying, being surprised and, at the same time, delighted with this event provided by nature. Not knowing its exact location, since at the moment of seeing the wave it was flying over the desert of Peru, he commissioned such a mission to a group of Peruvian surfers in order for them to find the aforementioned natural spectacle.

    For many years, this group traveled the Peruvian desert in search of the wave described by Shipman, until they finally reached the port of Chicama and saw with their own eyes a special place, with a great gift of nature; that is, the beach with the biggest and most fascinating wave of all time.

    A natural spectacle protected by law

    In 2016, after a few decades of surfing mobilizations and proposals, groups of environmentalists and locals managed to stop an architectural project that would compromise the majesty of this wave recorded in a unique way throughout the world.

    And this is how the Peruvian government inscribes the wave of Chicama in the National Registry of Breakwaters. This resolution explicitly prohibits the construction of any type of structure that threatens or harms this large-scale natural phenomenon.

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