World Heavy Metal Stars Release Song in Favor of Costa Rican Forest Protection

    A Savage Lands Foundation Effort

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    An association of global Heavy Metal music stars released a song titled “The Last Howler” on November 15 in favor of the protection of forests in Costa Rica, especially in Guanacaste, a province where the howler monkey lives. The full version of the new artistic production can be heard at the following link:

    The environmental effort is the product of the alliance between the Savage Lands Foundation and the music production company, Season of Mist, along with musicians from the legendary Metal bands: Megadeth, Sepultura and Obituary.

    A tribute to the howler monkey

    Sylvain Demercastel, Co-Founder of Savage Lands and who resides in Playa Negra de Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, indicated that “The Last Howl” – with a duration of 5 minutes and 48 seconds – “is a tribute to the howler monkey, an endangered species in Costa Rica.”

    “On the song Dirk Verbeuren, Megadeth’s drummer, unleashes thunderous fills and crashing cymbals, while I rain down heavy stabs of distortion.  The “The Last Howl” packs are all the rage thanks to some special guests.  Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser kicks off with two acrobatic solos and swamp king John Tardy (Obituary) unleashes his inner primate with ferocious growls.  When Dirk first received the instrumental demo, he immediately had John Tardy in mind for some vocals.”

    Powerful team

    This historic initiative has the support of the metal community from bands such as: Gojira, Heilung, Lamb of God, LoudBlast, Lord of the Lost, Testament and many national groups.

     The representative of Savage Lands, which works together with The Clean Wave and Costas Verdes Foundations, added that this project aims to raise funds for the protection of natural forests where the howler monkey lives to promote “reforestation and the creation of sanctuaries free of destruction.”

    Royalties from the song will go to protecting lands threatened by deforestation

    “The organization builds nature sanctuaries, establishes green zones and other land preservation projects.  We partner with other nonprofit groups, scientists and foresters, as well as Decibel Magazine and Season of Mist.  Hearing the chainsaw ring daily, due to the recent real estate rush that is destroying Costa Rica’s ecosystem, we thought it was time to start a new type of action.  We are reaching out to this great active community of metalheads.  “100% of the royalties from the song will go to protecting lands threatened by deforestation,” Demercastel added.

     The Last Howl Lineup is made up of Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth) on drums, Sylvain Demercastel and Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) on guitar, John Tardy (Obituary) and Poun (Black Bomb A) on vocals and Etienne Treton (Black Bomb A) on the bass.

    Precious species

    Howler monkeys can be found especially in the province of Guanacaste in the Santa Rosa National Park, Rincón de la Vieja and Guanacaste National Park.The main predators are some felines and man who in some areas of the country have invaded their areas.  The AlowattaPalliata (scientific name of the congo monkey) is omnivorous. Its diet includes a wide variety of fruits, tender tree leaves, where its favorites are fig trees, guaba, mature leaves of the Black and Naked Indian wood.

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