World Environmental Education Day: 7 Ideas for Contributing to the Environment

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    We can all make a difference from our home or office, implementing specific actions. The World Day for Environmental Education, which is commemorated this January 26th, invites us to create more awareness about the challenges we face in this matter.

    That is why here we shares seven actions to contribute to the environment from home:

    • Unplug electronics that you are not using. Remember that whenever you have something plugged in it is consuming power.
    • Take advantage of natural light, in this way you can consume less energy and save on your electricity bill.
    • Separate the waste. Most materials can be recycled.
    • Prefer items that can be reused. Clothes, toys and shoes can get a second chance.
    • Bring your cloth bags or other alternative materials to plastic when you shop.
    • Close the pipes correctly, check that your house or office does not have water leaks.
    • Participate regularly in volunteer days in your community and inspire others.
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    Making a difference

    “We can all make a difference from our home or office, implementing specific actions to reduce the environmental impact,” said Teddy Vargas, General Director of Mondelēz for the Caribbean and Central America.

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