Women Under 45 Should Also Be Careful With Cancer

    Prevention is the key because sometimes cancer appears without symptoms

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    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and going to medical centers in case they feel any discomfort such as fatigue, pain, loss of appetite and irrational hair loss, is what health specialists recommend to women under 45 years of age. In Costa Rica, 399 women up to the age of 44 died in 2019 from cancer, according to the XXI Century Radiotherapy Center.

    “We believe that nothing bad can happen to us because we are young, but the truth is that cancer does not only affect older people, but also young adults who have not even reached 45 years of age”, said Rolando Loría, an oncologist.

    Prevention is the key

    Having regular exams, eating well, exercising and protecting yourself from the sun are important factors that help prevent cancer.Also, review the medical history of the parents, since in many cases the diseases are hereditary, added Loría. The most common cancers that affect women are: breast, stomach, colon, cervix, pancreas, among others.

    “It is important to have blood, urine, and stool tests every year, as well as check your breasts and have a Pap smear, because sometimes cancer appears without symptoms,” Loría concluded.

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