Why You Need to Do a VIN Check

the best way to check your vehicle

Are you planning to buy a secondhand car? What measures are you putting in place to ensure your investment is sound?

VIN check

Well, buying a vehicle is a more natural way to travel and explore the world. Today, making a purchase is quite easy. Further, if you want to dispose of the vehicle, you can always sell it on the secondary market.

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When you buy a secondhand vehicle, there is a risk that it may have been stolen. Buying a stolen car may tie you up in legal battles for years. Not forgetting losing your investment.

That’s why you need to request for a vehicle identification number check. The VIN check helps unearth whether the vehicle you’re buying is either damaged or stolen.

You can undertake this search at a quick, cheaper and convenient rate.

What Data Will The VIN Lookup Reveal?

Before purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, you’ll need to collect data about it. Most buyers make the mistake of relying on the seller’s words as gospel truth. You shouldn’t. Remember, their sole intent is to get a buyer for their vehicle.

Also, you cannot always believe the documentation that your seller offers. With the use of technology, it’s easier to modify registration details and documents of any vehicle.

So the only source of data to rely on needs to be official. A VIN lookup will help unearth these details.

  1. The Accident History
VIN information
VIN information

The history of any car is useful when negotiating for the best price. If the prevalence is high, then the buying price needs to be lower.

Also, trailers and other big vehicles will have higher prevalence rates than different types. But you will need an official report to determine this.

The Real Odometer Data

Most sellers will try to conceal the real mileage of their car. They’ll do this to attract higher bids for their products.

If you don’t want to be duped, then order for a full vehicle identification number check. It’ll offer accurate and precise data.

  1. Lien

At times, people buy a vehicle only to realize it’s charged against a guaranteed loan. So, if you buy this vehicle, you become legally liable to repay this debt.

You surely don’t want this to happen.

  1. The Manufacturing Defects

In any production line, there’s a risk that a mistake will occur. The resultant effect will be a manufacturing defect.

At times, the defect may be so minimal for you to notice. The seller may also not be aware of these mistakes. Only a complete check will help you get these defects.

VIN Code
VIN Code
  1. Theft Record

Imagine you buy a car today, only to realize that it was smuggled into the country illegally? Probably it was stolen from a different state.

Well, this will result in endless court cases. The legal fees, costs, and fines will be unbearable for you to pay. Don’t let this happen, have a complete check to insulate yourself.


If you are planning to buy a used car, make arrangements for a win check. That’s the only way to ensure your investment becomes a success.


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