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    In Costa Rica, environmental awareness is increasingly being promoted, which institutions have been developing for some time now. This time we want to focus on the work of the banking institutions of the Central American country, which beyond the economy … Production and sustainability have fundamental roles.

    Have you ever heard about the Green Card, as an alliance between the National Bank and the Sustainable Biodiversity Fund?

    BNCR “Green Card” (a credit card)

    The Green Card is an initiative created by the Sustainable Biodiversity Fund in conjunction with the National Bank of Costa Rica. Through this card that the user makes purchases in stores, the bank donates 10% of the commission received to the Sustainable Biodiversity Fund to finance the Biodiversity Conservation Program (PCB) and the generation of other green businesses.

    It should be noted that each of the resources attracted by the Green Card goes directly to the financing of the Biodiversity Conservation Program, which consists of a financial recognition and accompaniment of training and exchange of experiences, to owners and landowners. that are relevant for the protection and conservation of the environment due to their biodiversity; At the same time, the contributions provided by local communities and indigenous peoples are recognized, in order to strengthen economic and environmentally sustainable development.

    Towards greater protection of biodiversity

    The National Bank of Costa Rica has been constant in its commitment to promoting development, has been attentive to the challenge of the country to be carbon neutral in 2021. Through the financial initiative, seeks that present and future generations will benefit with the protection of water sources, the conservation of forests, and coexistence in sustainable cities.

    The National Bank has focused on everything related to environmental issues, especially with the Biodiversity Fund for more than 5 years. Its green products such as debit, credit, and Ecomarchamo cards are a reflection of the bank’s interest in contributing to the society that works to preserve the environment.

    The Ecomarchamo is an alternative to the owners of vehicles, complementary to the Single Tax on Fuels, which allows offsetting 100% of the emissions generated by fuel consumption during 1 year.

    A client holding an Ecomarchamo sticker

    For Silvia Rojas, Director of the Biodiversity Fund, it is important to foster strategic alliances with public and private actors that allow their actions to be expanded and that also provide an element of constant innovation, with the objective of executing a truly sustainable development.

    National Bank and Sustainable Biodiversity Fund delivered Green Card N° 150 thousand

    On the occasion of the celebration of the World Environment Day (June 5th), the Sustainable Biodiversity Fund, together with the National Bank and the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE), recognized the Florida Ice and Farm (FIFCO) as the client of the Green Card N° 150 thousand.

    FIFCO is a company -producer of beverages- that aspires to have a positive impact in the communities and countries where it operates. In partnership with the Government and organized civil society, FIFCO seeks to create social and environmental value. Wherever it goes, it maintains its main purpose “to share a better way of life with the world”.

    It is worth noting that in 2015, the business units that makeup FIFCO confirmed its commitment to excellence in execution, innovation, the integral well-being of its employees and sustainable development.

    All these initiatives belonging to the financing entities, give an authentic value to the contributions to the mother earth that at the same time generates environmental education and motivation to the citizens inside and outside of Costa Rica that are beginning or have been working towards a greater entrepreneurship and production.

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