What are the Present Challenges for Recluting IT Talent in Costa Rica

    Companies must offer outstanding benefits and candidates must have not only knowledge, but soft skills

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    Although Costa Rica is the nation with the best employment expectations according to the latest survey carried out by ManpowerGroup, the truth is that recruiting talent is one of the main challenges, mainly in the area of ​​Information Technology (IT).

    In that sense, the challenge must be taken on by both organizations and job applicants.In the case of employers, they must listen and offer attractive benefits so that new generations are interested in being part of the organization.  Some of these are: flexible schedules, hybrid or remote work modalities, positions that provide work and personal balance, training programs that keep them updated, and a competitive salary.

    Required knowledge and soft skills

    In the case of talent, the main challenge is to achieve a combination between having the required knowledge and the soft skills that are most sought after by employers.

    It is useless to have a degree in the most in-demand careers if we do not have those skills that are so desired and sought after by organizations. When a candidate combines both hard and soft skills in his person, he is having the best of both worlds.  The combination of innovation, technology and human ingenuity is what will help us overcome the greatest challenges in the country.

    Talent shortage

    However, the problem of talent shortage in the IT sector is exponential.  The Chamber of Information and Communication Technology Companies (Camtic) reports a talent shortage of about 5 thousand professionals.

    The great challenge must not only be addressed from universities, where programs for the development of soft skills can be strengthened;  but rather anticipate it and encourage careers in these areas from an early age.

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