Get to Know “Blockchain Jungle”, the Technological Event of the Year in Costa Rica

    Ready to make history next November 16 at the San José Convention Center

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    Blockchain Jungle 2023, the technology event of the year, is ready to make history on November 16 at the San José Convention Center.This unprecedented event aims to position Costa Rica as a global benchmark in blockchain and sustainability by 2030. In addition to global figures in technology, such as Nick Szabo, the event will also feature the participation of senior Costa Rican officials such as Paula Bogantes, Minister of Technology, and Pedro Beirute, CEO of PROCOMER.

     Why is it so relevant?

    This is not just another technology event.  With Intel’s recent $1.2 billion investment announcement and the cooperation agreement between Costa Rica and the United States to make the country a regional hub for the semiconductor industry, the timing could not be better for this event.  Blockchain Jungle 2023 is aligned with national strategies that seek to promote Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and job creation in technological and sustainable sectors.

     What isBlockchain and Why Should It Matter?

    In the global context, the blockchain industry, which includes cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, is valued in trillions of dollars and is revolutionizing sectors ranging from banking to supply chain to healthcare.  By attracting this burgeoning sector to Costa Rica, we not only position the country as a leader in sustainable technology, but we also open doors to investments that can be transformative for the national economy.  It’s not just an event, it’s a unique opportunity for Costa Rica to join a technological revolution worth billions and do so in a way that aligns with our national values ​​of sustainability and equity.

    The Technology Event of the Year

    Blockchain Jungle 2023 is more than an event; It’s a movement.  It brings together world leaders, technology experts, policymakers and technology enthusiasts in one space to discuss, collaborate and inspire.  In addition to the talks and workshops, the event will be a celebration of Costa Rican culture, including music, art and gastronomy.

     The Ethics of Blockchain Jungle

    Blockchain Jungle goes beyond simply integrating technology and ecology.  It seeks to foster an environment where, as its manifesto says, “technology and nature not only coexist but thrive together.”

     Glenda Umaña, another of the event’s prominent voices, says: “This event is a perfect example of how blockchain technology has the potential to be a force for good, aligned with our national values ​​of conservation and sustainability.”

    Juan C. Guerrero, Executive Director of Blockchain Jungle, stated:”This event is a declaration to the world that Costa Rica is ready to pioneer sustainable blockchain technology.  We are sowing the seeds for a green future in the blockchain industry, and Costa Rica is the fertile ground where this transformation will take root and flourish.

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