What Are the Implications, Challenges, and Opportunities that Arise in a Hyperconnected Costa Rican Society?

    These topics, from different perspectives, will be covered in the 2023 Engineering Congress

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    Living in a hyper-connected world has its great advantages and opportunities, but it also has its challenges. Among the range of benefits is globalization, technological innovation, efficiency, automation, immediate access to information, instant communication within and outside the country, the opportunity to study or work from anywhere in the world, manage, etc.

    However, this hyperconnectivity, a term that began to be used from information and communication technologies in the 21st century, also presents a series of challenges that we must take into consideration such as: privacy, security, digital gaps, overload of information and misinformation, false content, excessive dependence on technology in every way; coupled with the fact that today artificial intelligence and the blockchain transform the way we live, work and relate to each other day by day.

    It must be considered that the environmental part does not escape the impact of maintaining a hyperconnected planet, since it requires technological infrastructure with high energy consumption and generation of electronic waste, etc. Consequently, we have a great task ahead to find constant solutions to mitigate the impacts so that we can take advantage of the benefits of hyper-connectivity and the opportunities it presents, as the world moves forward.

    Challenges in an interconnected world

    The Fidélitas Engineering Congress, whose focus is Challenges in a hyperconnected world, will be held on August 10th and 11th with the participation of a significant number of national and international speakers addressing a wide variety of topics and holding work sessions or workshops with the STEM modality that will allow attendees to carry out practical exercises that reinforce what they have learned.

    Those interested will have the opportunity to participate in person or online. Those who opt for the face-to-face modality will have access to all the conferences and workshops, as well as daily meals, as appropriate, and will be able to attend the Congress for one or both days.

    Those who prefer to opt for the online option will have the right to participate in the 6 conferences that will take place during the two days of the congress, access through a remote platform and enjoy the talks and discussion panels from wherever they are.

    The fees for the Fidélitas Engineering Congress, for each day of the congress in face-to-face mode, are ¢20,400 VATi; for both days online, they are ¢10,200 VATi, which can be purchased on the website

    This is the agenda to develop during the event:


    -Basic physical principles in the creation of energy sources

    -Cybersecurity challenges in a hyperconnected world

    -The 7 R’s in reducing environmental impact

    -Collaborative PRL software for the preventive management of your company with practical application of ergonomic posture

    -Basic principles of Iramuteq for statistical analysis and scientific research

    -Management of academic stress


    -Transformational leadership: Where are we going?

    -Using Stela to test software

    -Creation of a mobile application using Flutter Flow for your business

    -Simio Simulation application for a freight transport problem


    -VAT declaration for enterprises

    -Produce your wedge and advertising spot! Live the experience Fide audiovisual production


    -Public space: The case of Plaza de la Cultura

    -Infrastructures resilient to climate change


    -How to use Chat GPT to solve business cases


    -Industrial process plant

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