What Are the Benefits of Robotic Surgery to Improve People’s Health?

    In the 21st century, we are still surprised by the implementation of technological tools, such as robotic arms, in operating rooms

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    We are so used to the presence of doctors in front of the operating table, and working on the patient’s body, that the new scene we see in an operating room assisted by robotic surgery seems like science fiction. Nothing could be further from reality, although science has a lot to do with it.

    In a Da Vinci operating room, the medical team supervises the robotic arms and the surgeon operates the surgical team from a console that allows more complex movements, without tremor, high-resolution 3D vision and a precision never seen before.

    The origin of the Da Vinci surgery

    Since the beginning of the century when it was launched in the United States, this technology has not stopped improving and evolving hand in hand with innovation and experience. In our country, the first intervention was performed in 2005 and, since then, it has surpassed laparoscopic surgery in efficacy.

    The Da Vinci robot is the most sophisticated surgical technology in existence. More specifically, it is a slave robot that depends on the experience of the surgeon that always increases the precision and dexterity that the surgeon has when operating. Safety in terms of sterility is maximum, as much or more than conventional or laparoscopic surgery.

    Robotic Surgery multiplies the precision of the surgeon’s hands by having arms and advanced surgical tools, to increase the precision of the doctor’s fingers and muscles. Also with sight, the surgery team has a high-definition 3D viewer that allows them to capture even the smallest detail of the patient’s body and the area to be operated, with a greater viewing angle.

    For patients, everything goes with great advantages

    The da Vinci surgical system is essential for a large number of surgeries, being especially suitable for those with a high degree of complexity, where the operating field is limited and difficult to access, as well as for surgical maneuvers that require high precision. . The Da Vinci robot, in the expert hands of our surgery teams, is highly indicated for the removal of the uterus, cervical or cervix cancer and for treating endometrial or prostate cancer, with a considerable reduction in treatment times recovery, with which the times of stay in the hospital are limited to 24 or 36 hours, which allows a faster return to daily activities.

    “The advantages of the robot are unquestionable for the patient -say the urologists- not only because of the lower probability of impotence and incontinence in the case of urological interventions, but also because when small incisions are made, the aesthetic results are better compared to open surgery, there is less need for transfusions, less postoperative pain and less time spent in hospital, which allows a faster return to normal activities”.

    Minimal postoperative period

    The improvement in the postoperative period of patients who decide to undergo robotic surgery is significant; that is, a minimally invasive surgery, even less than laparoscopic, with the great advantage in terms of the precision with which it is operated.

    On the other hand, blood loss is less, the preservation of anatomical structures is greater and, therefore, the chances of complications are reduced. As there is less blood loss, there is less need for transfusions and less risk of complications, which translates into shorter postoperative periods. The hospital stay decreases and recovery to normal life is faster for the patient.

    The Da Vinci Robotic System, which is part of La Salud, incorporates technology that increases the precision and scope of traditional surgical techniques that until now fell into the hands of surgeons. With this new system, the doctor’s hands continue to be the protagonists, but with increased capabilities thanks to technology that have a direct impact on improving people’s health and quality of life.

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