Wellness: How to Reach Physical and Mental Well-Being

    Wellness is feeling good in an integral way: having energy, emotional, mental and physical well-being, says a specialist

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    The term ‘wellness’ has been used since the 1950s, but recently it has been heard and read more on social networks. Halbert L. Dunn, known as the “father of the wellness movement“, was the one who began using it to promote comprehensive health, and this concept is more relevant than ever, as it aims at the desired happiness as a product of a balance between mind and body.

    “Wellness is feeling good in an integral way: having energy, emotional, mental and physical well-being, enjoying your life and knowing that it is something sustainable,” explains Vanessa Delgado, founder of DIVERSA and coach in Human Management.

    Wellness aims to connect with who you are, help you have tools and routines that are easy to follow in your daily life, and empower you, says Delgado. “You can achieve it through personalized support, advice or with different methods, but it starts from the basis of making a decision and having self-motivation,” she adds.

    One way to reach this state of well-being is through gentle discipline with oneself, since each individual has a different learning pace, says the specialist. “When we are aware of this we can adapt new healthy habits in an integral way to our daily life”, she indicates.

    To achieve a balance between body and mind, it is very important to eat well. According to the nutritionist Mariel Vera, a balanced diet enhances well-being or wellness. “If you don’t eat healthy you can’t achieve your integral balance. We have the power to open the doors of our body to everything that enters: food, learning and emotions”, she affirms.


    “With regard to food, it can be a great adventure if we do it consciously, since there are foods that can impact our health in a favorable way and not we truly recognize its positive impact. Unfortunately, a better diet is often sought when we are already sick or have a problem to solve in a timely manner. The ideal is to improve our relationship with food beforehand, prevent it and enjoy it”, says Vera.

    In addition, she explains that if we want to have a talk or session on this new way of reaching well-being, an interdisciplinary team is needed. “Always be hand in hand with a nutritionist so that the information is real,” she adds.

    We move away from Wellnes when:

    • When we don’t take charge, we transfer our power of decision or will to the external such as work life, traffic or established habits that are difficult to break, we are moving away from well-being.
    • “When we don’t prioritize ourselves as the most important thing, we also move away from this goal,” explains Vanessa Delgado.

    The specialist recommends that you organize yourself, take time for yourself and look for healthy options that are at hand and are compatible with your reality and your budget. If we are in well-being, we are in balance and we can get closer to who we are in essence, understand our way of acting and make more conscious decisions. Take a breath and find your balance.

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