Use of Self-Check-In Stands at Juan Santamaría Airport Grows by 45.7%

    Some 365,949 transactions have been completed in this way in the first half of the year

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    There are 365,949 transactions carried out at the self-check-in kiosks at the Juan Santamaría International Airport (AIJS), a considerable increase of 45.7% if the same first semester is considered, but from 2022, when at that time the figure was 251,188. informed AERIS, interested manager of the AIJS.

    “As a leading airport in the region, we aim for airport digital innovation, agile both in response times and in the solutions we provide to users. Whenwe assure that the AIJS is the gateway to puravida experiences, it is precisely because of practical examples such as our self-check-in kiosks, which of course contribute to the competitiveness of the country, but, primarily, to make the passenger experience more pleasant,” said Ricardo Hernández, executive director of AERIS.

    The AIJS, aimed at being that digital airport, currently has 30 self-check-in stations, which allow you to scan the air ticket and register with the airline in less than 3 minutes.

    In addition, thanks to the articulated work between AERIS, with about 10 institutions and the airlines that fly to and from the main air terminal in Costa Rica, it is anticipated that in the coming months the inclusion of new positions for this innovation would be announced.

    Becoming familiar with the check-in process

    “We are pleased to learn that more and more passengers identify and become familiar with self-check-in posts as facilitators of their procedures. We are convinced that articulated work with the airport community is what brings revenues for the operation, and that is why, thanks to it, we will continue to apply innovation in favor of users,” said Juan Belliard, Director of Operations and Security of the AIJS.

    How to use the kiosks?

    For those who wish to use any of these kiosks, in the first instance they must validate with the corresponding airline for their flight if it has the option of using these counters.If this is the case, you must have your passport at hand, as well as memorize, or write down, the reservation number, which consists of six digits.

    Once you go to one of the kiosks, the first thing the system will ask you is to mark the corresponding airline you will be traveling with; In both Spanish and English, an explanatory message will appear explaining the requirements to use this system, for example, if you leave the country, it reminds you that you must first make sure that you have paid the corresponding departure tax at the terminal in case of that this cost was not included in your ticket.

    Then, you must enter the reservation number (indicated above). After providing this information, your data will be displayed, which it is recommended to read carefully to ensure that they are correct.You will be presented with a series of options, such as printing tickets, changing seats (if available) and checking bags, so you can select the ones you need.Subsequently, you must enter the passport into the slot of the machine. Thus, the system will print the tickets and baggage ticket.

    Once the procedure is complete, you can go to deliver your luggage at the airline counter. You should consider that, depending on the destination, other checks will be requested at said counter, such as the visa.If this is the first time that these kiosks have been used, or if help is needed or inconvenience, there are staff available to assist the user.

    “Another extremely useful possibility is the web check-in, which on the one hand serves to confirm to the airline, as its name says, on its website, that you are indeed going to fly. On the other hand, they work to confirm in advance the passenger’s data, his seat and obtain his boarding pass,” Belliard added.

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