Travel From Costa Rica Like A Millionaire

You Might Be Surprised to Know How Affordable Some Countries Are

Have you ever wondered how much it would cost to travel from Costa Rica to anywhere around the world? It can be a daunting proposition especially if you are planning on flying to Europe, Africa, or Asia. It all comes down to the distance. If you calculate the distance using one of the online calculators, the closest European country is still over 8,000 kilometers, South Africa is well over 12,000 kilometers and Vietnam is in excess of 17,000 kilometers away. While that might put you off from traveling to such far-off countries, the good news is that your money can take you a long way in some of these destinations.

An interactive calculator titled Currency Millionaires, prepared by comparison website, gives you the opportunity to see how much money you will need to be a millionaire based on your savings account balance. It was interesting to discover that you actually need just US$ 100 to be considered a millionaire in 4 countries, namely: Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the African island of Sao Tome & Principe.

Monument in Tehran, Iran

Here are a few other examples. While the thought of flying from Costa Rica to the Southeast Asian county of Laos might not be the most appealing holiday due to the 16,600 kilometers involved, you should consider the fact that with only US$ 130 in your pocket you will be considered a millionaire in Laotian Kip. On the other hand, Sierra Leone in West Africa is just under 8,000 kilometers away and with pretty much the same amount of money, depending on the foreign exchange fluctuations, you will be a millionaire in the local currency of Leone. Finally, if traveling to remote locations is not an issue, then with US$ 410 in your account, give or take, you could be treated like a millionaire in Mongolia. This country in East Asia, which borders both Russia and China, is close to 13,670 kilometers away.

So next time you plan your holiday itinerary, do not let the distance scare you away from visiting an exotic location. You might find yourself being treated like a millionaire!

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