A Trip of Vietnam and its Multiple Delicacies

    Wonders of a Tropical Asian Country

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    Even if you travel for just a week, you will still be exposed to Vietnam’s wonderful gastronomical pleasures. Every region has its own unique edible delights. Visit THE COSTA RICA NEWS for all your travel related needs.

    Vietnam has unique spectacular places to be enjoyed and admired by tourists.
    Vietnam’s spectacular landscape

    They approach the art of traveling with poise, professionalism, and skill; their tailor-made vacation packages are remarkable, especially for tours that they offer within Asia. There is never a gray moment if you book a tour with; they offer packages to classic tourist destinations and also destinations that are a bit off the path.

    When you visit the north of Vietnam, you are greeted with pleasant weather conditions and above all delicious food. The dishes that are aligned with northern Vietnam have more of a Chinese influence in them. The spices used are few and the taste is subtle as compared to central and Southern China, but this does not diminish the importance of black pepper. The pepper used here is mild and paired best with herbs like basil and mint.

    The noodle soup is one of the most delicious Vietnamese dishes.
    Vietnamese noodle soup

    Central Vietnam is host to a temperate climate, along with less humidity, the weather is very enjoyable. The South of Vietnam has more of a tropical climate. It is perfect for those who enjoy a balmy kind of weather.

    Here many varieties of fruits and vegetables are available and also an abundance of spices are used in cooking as well. Southern locals also love to use sugar in their cooking, even in their savory dishes and eating from this region is a very hand on experience. The dishes are usually presented with large quantities of mountain herbs, which are wrapped around meat or seafood and presented with a variety of dipping sauces.

    Vietnam should be one of the top choices when you are planning your vacation, there is so much to see and experience. From the landscapes to the food, right to the pulsating energy. Here are some of the reasons to visit Vietnam:

    Street food is so popular for Vietnamese foodies.
    Bahn-Mi sandwich

    Street food
    The best place to taste Vietnam is on a little plastic stool outside a stall on the sidewalk. Whether it is Pho or steamed buns with fish, the street food is amazing. They are open at any point of the day and you will find people of all ages gathering around enjoying the food and each other’s company.

    The traffic in Vietnam can be crazy and cross the street can be even more insane, so it is recommended to rent a 2-wheeler motorbike to get around the city. This will help you get around the city and also seem less overwhelming.

    Vietnam is after all the 2nd biggest producer of coffee, so it knows a little bit about this amazing drink. Most importantly they serve coffee with condensed milk and is pretty much part of their culture.

    Vietnam is home to beautiful locations and foodgasmic dishes that you can visit and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so go ahead and book your travel package on right away, because your dream vacation awaits you.

    There are many royal palaces built by different dynasties all over Vietnam.
    One of the many Vietnamese royal palaces
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