Our “Inner Being”: A Reflection of Ourselves

Some Steps to Build a Better Self-Being

We must understand that life is made up of small details, emotions, insignificant situations, steps that, without realizing it, make the path of day to day.

Walking the way of life is learning, but tripping, falling, getting up, and walking is what leads us to be wise, in this chimera called existence. This is where we will take our best lessons, simple and common, such as seeing a leaf fall in the wind.

A good place to medidate is nature itself.
Meditation in nature

So, by walking the path of life, we found a story to be shared:

A buffalo and a tiger were fighting to demonstrate, each one, their respective power. The tiger used its terrible claws and sharp fangs; the buffalo, its enormous strength and big horns. The fight was brutal and fierce. Blood flowed from both animals and, therefore, they became weaker and weaker. They fought to the last halo of life and, suddenly, both ended up falling to the ground.

With the animals already exhausted and dying, an old man who had been watching them from afar, sadly approached the tiger and rubbed his beautiful and majestic fur. He responded with a deep look. Then, the man approached the buffalo and he soon started licking the old man’s hand with his last life forces. The old man wandered: “Why life does not know peace, more than in his last moments of despair?” (A short tale extracted from the book “The Monks of the Plum-Colored Tunic”)

In those moments of evolution and transcend, we have to learn to be spectators of our own life. If we are in a discussion, we must stop, observe, and think. What are we doing? Is this worth it? What do we gain from this?

Having walked the evolutionary paths of knowledge, we have to be conscious of leaving the struggles, both internal and external. That fierce confrontation of the EGO, where you always want to win even if you die in the attempt, keep us in a war that only leaves us a great fatigue, depression, more struggles to resolve, and enmities to overcome.

Stay away from others’ struggle and you will also realize how wrongly conflicts are handled. We humans are destroying ourselves in the midst of violence and aggression. If we all knew that it is so simple to observe others and let them be.

Indeed, we all have personal wars and do not realize this because we tend to focus on the problem outwardly. We often think that others only come to bring us conflicts, upsets, and unpleasant moments.

The “inner being” is our mirror, that is, the reflection of our intimate self. It is what makes us rage to the point of facing and end with friendships, relationships, family, health, and peace.

The inner being is always present on everyone.
The inner being

But, on the other hand, we must also realize that the problem is in ourselves. It is our EGO what surrounds us. In general, we often omit that others’ attitudes are our reflection. It is precisely that reflection that reminds us of hard feelings, submerged in our subconscious.

To finish, here is a suggested meditation exercise:

Start writing everything unpleasant that gets in your mind. After this, take the paper, read it, and ask yourself: How much of this is in me?

Then, you burn it and pronounce: “I give my discomfort, therefore, I free myself”. This little exercise will give you peace of mind and, at the same time, free yourself.


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