Top 10 Technical Universities in Europe

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    Students from around the world strive to get their degree in the best and most recognized universities, including University of Oxford. First of all, it guarantees that their knowledge is up-to-date and in demand. Secondly, a degree certificate from a well-established institution means excellent career opportunities and well-paid employment.

    This is especially true when we talk about technical universities. The world’s best companies look for young professionals whose knowledge and skill level is unquestionable. They agree to train them but also expect this cadre to be industry-ready.

    In this article, we are going to talk about Europe’s top technical universities. If you know that Physics, Math, and Engineering are the subjects you have a passion for and that writing is so hard for you that you’d prefer computing instead, you’ll definitely find the following information useful. As for the essay, don’t forget: you can always ask, “write an essay”. So now, here they are, the best technical universities in Europe:

    University of Cambridge

    The School of Technology of the University of Cambridge is one of the strongest technical departments in Europe. Its faculty is dedicated to preparing the best professionals. They must be ready to work with the most cutting-edge technologies and create new ones.

    The mission of the school is to show students a pathway to technology, methods, and processes and make them see how much technology influences society. With this in mind, professors train students to work hard towards the creation of wealth and the improved quality of life.

    ETH Zurich

    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is also one of its kind. The Institute appreciates international cooperation very much. Thus, it quite often organizes multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary cooperation programs for students. This institution highly respects student involvement in research. However, it also facilitates their practical endeavors.

    The Institute is also focused on the world’s most urgent problems such as climate change and other crises. It strives to prepare a graduate who’ll be willing to make a difference.

    University of Oxford

    The Department of Engineering Science dedicates its resources to building a unified community of talented engineers committed to resolving global challenges. Its academic staff works hard to maintain the balance between theory and practice.

    The university’s alumni work in different industries and for various companies across the world. They develop new electronic devices, advance existing technologies, and study further to come up with technological breakthroughs.

    Imperial College of London

    The Institute for Security Science and Technology is one of the best in Europe in terms of preparing students to work with technological advancements. It owns the state-of-art equipment and labs to create and test the most recent technological achievements.

    This institution highly appreciates interdisciplinary research and cultivates international cooperation. In particular, it focuses on the world’s emerging innovations to create solutions for greater sustainability.


    Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne is always at the forefront of the world’s most inspiring technology discoveries. This institution does its best to make sure its students and researchers take part in projects for the development of the most-awaited technological solutions.

    EPFL is one of the most vibrant and technologically advanced universities in Europe. It offers a contemporary approach to research and education. It also offers innovative training to a multicultural community of students, working in over 350 labs on campus.

    Delft University of Technology

    One of the strongest technology institutes in Europe is located in the Netherlands. Delft can boast about hundreds of first-class specialists graduating every year and taking the highest positions in the world’s best companies.

    Today, it has dedicated its efforts to building a stronger scientific community. It facilitates collaboration with other educational institutions in research, innovation, education, talent development, and start-ups.

    Politecnico di Milano

    This Italian higher education institution is known for taking a decent place in global technology development through research and innovations. It is a dream place to study for many students in Europe and other continents.

    Since 1863, the university has been preparing the world’s technology elite. They are ready to shape the world with ideas on process enhancement, technology advancement, and technical development. Today, Politecnico di Milano has lots of agreements on international and interdisciplinary cooperation. This helps students get a well-rounded education and knowledge.

    Technical University of Munich

    With the German approach to education and research, TUM is one of Europe’s most advanced universities to study technology and create new ones. It has truly established the global marketplace for the world’s finest knowledge.

    The university appreciates and cultivates lifelong learning as well. A variety of programs helps students find their true selves and contribute to global research in the best possible way.

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology

    KTH campuses are known as those having Europe’s most advanced labs and research centers allowing students to brainstorm and innovate. They learn from the best academic staff and experiment with the state-of-art lab equipment there.

    The Institute cultivates an international learning environment, encouraging foreign talents who know Swedish to come and study for free. For its research activity, KTH can boast of several Nobel laureates and other recognitions in the fields of Physics, Math, and Engineering.

    University College London (UCL)

    UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies is a university branch dedicated to research and teaching in the field of History of Science, Science Policy, and Sociology of Science. STS staff includes the world’s most recognized names. These people aim to grow a new generation of technical specialists qualified enough to re-shape the world’s agenda.

    The university usually gets 100% satisfaction in all student surveys. Its academic achievement is not measured domestically but globally.

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