Neighbors of Golfito add 16 years promoting Turtle Conservation Projects

Association received a donation of bicycles and technological implements by Inder

Since 2004 the Association of Neighbors of Punta Banco in Golfito de Puntarenas, works in turtle conservation projects, especially in the face of the looting of this animal’s eggs and its indiscriminate hunting.

Precisely this past week the group led the release of more sea turtles on the beach, something that for Paola Carrillo, a member of the association, “is an experience that everyone should have in life.”

“Helping a newborn little turtle reach the ocean for the first time, even if we don’t know its destination, is an experience everyone should have. That is why we are here, to support its conservation; it is the work that we proudly carry out and that also generates resources for the community,” said Carrillo.

This project contemplates the night patrolling of the beach by 50 volunteers, who are previously trained by biologists and travel more than 10 km per night to locate the turtle nests and transfer them to the association’s nurseries.

Each person who carries out the transfer of the eggs to the nurseries receives US $ 10. With this activity during 2019, US $ 13,000 were generated, which comes from activities such as the Turtle Festival, sale of t-shirts, donations from foreign foundations, bingo halls, among others.

Inder invested ¢ 6.8 million in the project
The Rural Development Institute (Inder) donated eight bicycles to the organization, conservation implements, three computers, and a projector that works as support when giving talks to tourists, which in total means an investment of ¢ 6.8 million.

Harys Regidor, Inder’s executive president, indicated that the institution also supported the community project through its program for the Promotion of Food Production and Security. “We provide tools and supplies for the construction of new nurseries and thus prevent the theft of eggs,” he added. This project in Punta Banco is responsible for conserving three species of turtles: olive ridley, green, and hawksbill, and in its 16 years of operation it has released about 200,000 animals.

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