A Virtual Guide in English to the Beaches of Costa Rica is Created

“Costa Rica Beaches”, is a guide in English about the best Tico beaches. The guide aims to inform tourists about the exact location of the beaches and others that are nearby. Also, it gives details about what the beach is like: using icons, you can know if (for example) the sunset can be enjoyed there, if it has stones or is only sand, if it is suitable for surfing or swimming or if it is accessible for people with disabilities, etc. Also, it provides a wide photo gallery of every beach and gives reviews about activities that can be done, what the atmosphere is like on the site, and also about local food.

“We want to help publicize these beaches and thus contribute to the reactivation of tourism in these areas that have been so affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic,” explained Christopher Corrales, creator of the site. Corrales’ reviews are achieved by his own experience in living a full month in the areas he talks about on the website, becoming one more local expert who offers tips to those who contemplate visiting the beaches of Costa Rica.

A complete review

“Generally, a tourist visits a beach for a couple of days and has a slight notion of knowing the place, but there are many details that can be passed, so I stay for a month in the area to prepare a more complete article and with additional resources as photos and videos to give a better view to the reader who is considering visiting the place,” added Corrales.

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