New Archaeological Find in Castella Connector Causes Suspension of Road Works in one of the Sections

    It is two pieces of ceramic

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    A new archaeological find was located in one of the sections of the so-called “Barreal-Castella Connector”, a work that will connect General Cañas with the Heredia sector. These are two pieces of ceramic that were found in the sector of the old bus bay in the direction of San José-Alajuela, where previously a “pre-Columbian funerary zone” had also been found.

    During the first discovery, four tombs, two ceramic vessels and a gold earring were found, this situation caused the suspension of construction works in order to meet the proper protocols for safeguarding the pieces, as established by the National Museum.

    Technical inspection carried out

    In the area, the due archaeological evaluation was carried out by an expert hired by the Route 1 Trust, as well as the recovery of the elements, and later the works were reactivated, however, again the suspension was ordered for the analysis of the new parts found. This new finding occurred when the company in charge resumed the earthworks process.

    “The construction company found two new pieces of ceramic, which again activated the regulatory protocol. This means that it is necessary to suspend the work in that specific sector while a new evaluation is carried out”, informed those in charge of the Trust. On this occasion, it will be the officials of the National Museum who will directly carry out the evaluation and rescue of the pieces found.

    Despite the suspension of works at this site, no significant delays are anticipated, due to the fact that they are located in an area that is not necessary for the main works to proceed.

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