Tica Launches Book that Encourages Women to Treat their Own Images with Self-Love

In search of encouraging women to treat their image with self-love, image expert Luigina Campos launched her first book: The route that will make you shine. According to Campos, it is a tool that will allow women to recognize their own power, learn to shine and remember that they were all born to be light.

“With this book, people will learn to renew their image and give their style a twist. By going through the pages, they will re-ignite that glow that for some reason was turned off and to be able to recognize their own power,” said the image consultant.

Importance of color in life and how to renew the image are part of the themes

Through this electronic book that is already available on Amazon, readers will be able to learn about the importance of color in life, as well as have a practical guide with theories that will teach them how to renew their image.

“The book contains all the tools that I have used throughout my more than 10 years of research and that I have applied with my clients; I know that they will be of great use to each of the people who read it ”, acknowledged Campos.

Among the themes is also how to make purchases aimed at turning the wardrobe into a space with empowering clothes that activate emotions in a positive way. The author mentioned that The Route That Will Make You Shine teaches how clothing works as therapy. “When the person finishes reading this book, they will be able to become an influential, empowered and stylish woman,” concluded the image consultant.

Campos is currently writing her second book, which will deal with how to find and project oneself from the inside.

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