This May 31st in Costa Rica is Celebrated The Day of the National Composer

    Let's celebrate nature to the sound of Costa Rican music

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    The composer is the artist who inquires into the infinite about the multiple musical and sound scenes, and inquiring is a privilege shared equally by the artist and the contemporary scientist: both are on the path of investigation. The composer and the modern scientist have this relationship of closeness that is granted by the act of investigating; each one does it in their particular worlds”.

    May 31st of each year was declared by executive decree as the Day of the Costa Rican Composer. In one of the considerations that appear in decree 26887-C, of ​​May 13, 1998, is that “… May 31st, is an important date for composers and musical authors, due to the fact that the Association of Composers and Musical Authors of Costa Rica, which came to stimulate the active participation of the creators of musical works…”.

    To compose

    Every May 31st is filled with cultural activities such as music and theater in different parts of the country, to celebrate this date.The idea is that Costa Rica as a whole becomes a single stage to celebrate that authors of musical works, whether classical or popular, were born and are born in this land.People identify the one who sings a song or the one who performs the theme, but they don’t know who created that theme.

    With this celebration they want to rescue the creators of music. In Costa Rica ACAM, the Association of Composers and Musical Authors of Costa Rica, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that ensures that in Costa Rica the legal levels of protection in force regarding to the use of musical works belonging to its associates and to music creators affiliated with sister societies in the world that it represents through reciprocity agreements.

    National Composer Day is a great way to celebrate your ears with Costa Rican composition music that refers to the natural beauties that await us outside. Songs that transport us to beautiful places and allude to the feeling of being surrounded by a wide variety of natural elements, exalting Costa Rican traditions, idiosyncrasies and landscapes.

    Protecting intellectual creations

    It also recognizes the talent of composers in the field of lyrics and music in our countrywith the purpose of collecting and distributing copyrights generated by musical, dramatic and dramatic-musical works.

    A new Law on Copyright was promulgated in the country, which conferred on the institution, through official resolution No. 36,065, the responsibility of acting as an entity for the collective management of copyright, since then it has administered the economic rights of thousands of national and international creators, with the aim of guaranteeing respect for the rights of composers from the very act of creating their works.

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