Preparing For A Christmas In The Middle Of The Pandemic

    A Christmas that longs for a lot of peace

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    Christmas, stands out as one of the central celebrations of Christianity. The most important day of this festival is celebrated worldwide on December 25 by the Catholic Church, commemorating, among other things, the birth of the child God.

    How is the celebration of this date in Costa Rica?

     The celebrations in Costa Rica are the same as in other parts of the world, it is a reason for family gatherings that are committed to peace and reconciliation.

    Days full of that unique touch that only in this part of the world can be given on these dates with with food, drinks, music and singing.

    In these last days of the year the climate in the country softens in the sky it can be distinguished with the naked eye to a more intense blue tone, a large number of pine trees are born to mount the typical Christmas tree which are used in many homes, offices and shops to decorate and go more in tune with the Christmas joy.

    Among the main customs of Costa Rica at Christmas time which stand out the most

    Among the Christmas customs in Costa Rica, the religious activities attached to the Christmas Mass celebrations stand out more to sing to the portal and thus adore the child of God and it is a deeply rooted tradition almost all homes have one.

    In our country Christmas also stands out because in the houses because in the members of each family they highlight their decorations with striking and large natives.

    In recent months, as a result of the various political and social changes the nation is going through, added to the current Covid-19 pandemic that is hitting the world, we are preparing to experience a Christmas like never before.

    These days of celebration focused on the arrival of the savior of the world are celebrated in the midst of a climate of various situations that will make it a celebration that is marked in the history of humanity.

    Tradiciones y costumbres navideñas en Costa Rica

    Social networks will be the protagonists of these festivities

    Social networks have become a window that shortens the distance in times of pandemic; That is why the reporter team of The Costa Rica News has carried out a small investigation to find out the opinion of the Ticos about these celebrations less than 2 months before the last month of the year arrives.

    These are some comments that were collected through social networks

    Isabel lamb

    I express that his wish for this Christmas is that peace and tranquility really reign in the country, that the Christmas tradition continue. Because he said in order to build a better society you have to put old grudges aside.

    Rafael Charmientos

    Charmientos said he yearns for the country to move forward despite the fact that this year has hit us so hard despite the pandemic but that we must not lose faith is the only one that cannot be lost at this time.

    Douglas Vaques

    He expressed that for this Christmas he wishes love, peace, reconciliation, happiness and above all a political change and he also made a call to know more about God.

    Maria Jose Crespo

    His wish basically is that everything improves as well, peace, love, prosperity and a lot of strength so that people can get ahead since the pandemic for many people deteriorated their way of life.

    Hernán Oviedo

    May there be love and understanding for each of the inhabitants of our country and that despite the pandemic we celebrate the arrival of the child God.

    Finally, all Costa Ricans ask the child of God that love, peace, understanding, tranquility, equity prevail and that there is no lack of food, whether it is traditional or not, on the table of each Costa Rican.

    Our wishes are that it be an unforgettable night for each child who lives in each of those homes in Costa Rica and especially the entire world.

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