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    Communication is the process of interaction, to which human beings are subjected daily in each of the activities they carry out in their daily lives to express their ideas and thoughts. Currently there are different forms of communication, and with the advancement of technology, communication channels between people have been facilitated, taking into account that regardless of the place or distance, you can be in constant communication, and a clear example is that of mobile telephony, which came to greatly facilitate communication between human beings.

    The appearance of new technological means of communication not only facilitates communication but also produces changes at all levels of society; It is true that those who are most affected, positively or negatively, are those who were born at the time of their implementation in society, as well as subsequent generations who live adapted to the new environment develop together with these technologies.

    It is widely and constantly observed the numerous changes that mobile telephony has dictated on a great majority of people, specifically young people, in excessive use of the cell phone and the great dependence that day by day it causes the user.

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    Although it may seem exaggerated, numerous researchers are already warning that there are many people with a mobile phone who are suffering physical and psychological problems such as anxiety, palpitations and sweats when they forget their mobile at home, their prepaid card runs out, they run out coverage or no battery.

    It is known as Nomophobia, irrational fear of leaving home without a mobile phone or not taking it with us. The degree of anxiety and excessive discomfort that these people can suffer when their mobile is turned off, out of coverage, without battery or they forget it somewhere, is high, and involves such a conflict in their person, as to express uneasiness in a place, and even go home for it, as a result of the stress generated by knowing that they will be disconnected for a while.

    The different studies carried out in recent years estimate that more than 50% of mobile users are dependent on it.

    It is important to remember that its use in itself is not addictive. We will speak of dependency when its use is excessive, inappropriate and when there is a pathological need to be aware of it without losing sight of it.

    Today, social relationships begin to have little to do with those of the past. The way we communicate, the privacy that sometimes means saying certain things without having to physically confront others, as well as the speed and low cost of this form of communication, represent great benefits for people.

    The problem is not in recognizing the advantages that technology has brought to our lives in general terms, as it is obvious and not debatable, but in a different good.

    Just as the consumption of alcohol can be not harmful in its fair measure, but it is a problem when excesses are committed, the use of the mobile is a similar case.

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