October 29th, Commemorating Costa Rican Declaration of Independencevaiba

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    The anniversary of the signing and swearing-in of the country’s Independence is an event that reminds us of the struggle to become an independent state. The signing and swearing-in of the Independence of Costa Rica was held on October 29th, 1821, an open town hall is held in Cartago, where the document that proclaims the Independence of Costa Rica is drawn up.

    With this signature and swearing-in of Independence in Costa Rica, freedom from Spain is declared. After days prior to the signing and swearing-in, news reached the country that the absolute Independence from the Spanish government had been decided and the possible annexation to the proclaimed Spanish empire by Agustín de Iturbide.

    The act signed and sworn in on October 29 was not only signed by the municipal corporation but also Juan Manuel Cañas, a Spanish military officer who even opposing independence from Spain, was forced to sign. Other who signed the Act of Independence fwere Juan de los Santos Madriz who was rector of the University of Santos Tomas and Mr. José Santos Lombardo.

    Thus gathered all the representatives of the provinces, the act was raised that proclaims the absolute independence of the Spanish government.

    On November 12, the installation of the interim government board of the province is carried out, and on the 20th of that month, Don Pedro de Alvarado, who was ecclesiastical vicar and one of the signatories of the act, was appointed as a representative for the towns of Quircot, Cot and Tobosi.

    Don Manuel de Cañas was the last Spanish governor in Costa Rica, as he held that position when the news of independence was received. After the events of 1821 he was removed from his position by the Guatemalan board of legacies.

    It is important to note that Costa Rica sought its independence after the confusion generated by the Constitution of Cádiz, that came into force throughout the Kingdom of Spain, so our country was part of the provincial council of Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

    Therefore, October 29, 1821 is the real date that corresponds to the legal and civic independence of Costa Rica with which full freedom of our country was obtained and the historical sovereignty that belongs to all Costa Ricans.

     The Act of Cartago is very important because it is the reaffirmation of the will of Costa Ricans to be an independent state, owner of its own destiny, sovereign to give itself its own government with true freedom for all citizens.

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