The Most Important Academic Event on Public Relations and Communication Strategies in the Region Arrives in Costa Rica

    Meeting will be held on June 6 and 7 with experts from more than 15 Latin American countries

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    Costa Rica will be the epicenter of the IV Latin American Summit of Public Relations and Strategic Communication, which will bring together experts from more than 15 countries in the region.

    The event will take place on June 6 and 7 at the National Auditorium of the Children’s Museum, and will address the impact of communication in various strategic and sustainable areas.

    It is organized by the Ibero-American Network of Public Relations Professionals, the Latin American Institute of Communication Strategies and the Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT).

    Recognized as the most significant academic event in the field of public relations and communication strategies in Latin America, the summit promotes a multidisciplinary approach that responds to the needs of today’s audiences.

    Among the topics to be discussed will be how effective communication can transform public perception and strengthen trust in organizations.Also, the role that communication plays in educating the public about environmental issues and promoting responsible practices, in a world where sustainability is crucial.

    Sustainability communication

    “Sustainability communication is fundamental as it strengthens the reputation of organizations, and attracts consumers and collaborators committed to ethical and environmental values. Therefore, this event is of utmost importance, as it represents an opportunity to exchange innovative ideas and strengthen connections in this discipline,” said Marianela Núñez, ULACIT’s rector.

    Participants will be able to benefit from the experience and knowledge of more than 25 communication leaders from Spain and Latin America.Among them are Antonio Ezequiel Di Genova, author of several books on communication; Wilson Rojas, professor at ULACIT; Eduardo Peinado, advisor and professor at Mexican universities; Paolo Muñoz, consultant and director of communication for several ministries in Ecuador; and Adriana Tobón, consultant for several companies in Portugal.These experts will share their perspectives and challenges in promoting sustainable communication practices.

    Human impact on the environment

    The human impact on the environment and the need to communicate transparently and effectively about environmental and social responsibility efforts are other central themes at the summit.Through a focus on collective intelligence and creativity, the event seeks to establish new ways to devise innovative solutions in the future.

    “The motto of this international summit is affirmed in the certainty that communication has a fundamental role in sustainability, both to promote the implementation of institutional policies and to generate social awareness around transcendental issues for social, environmental and economic balance,” said co-organizer Antonio Di Genova.

    The meeting is aimed at officials, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals in areas such as Public Relations, Tourism, Marketing, Human Resources, and Corporate Communication, as well as advanced students of related careers.

    Those interested in participating can register by completing a form available online, at a cost of $110 for in-person attendance and $45 for virtual participation.

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