The Most Common Injuries When Having Sex

    Too much imagination can contribute to pleasure, but it could also affect your health

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    Letting creativity flourish in bed is perhaps one of the most repeated maxims in sexual therapy consultations. And it is that in the search for pleasure, in which each person is a world apart, as the experts remind us, experimentation is fundamental.

    However, along with the call to innovate in sex, it has been shown that excessive imagination could also be counterproductive.For this reason, based on the texts of Esther Balac, an expert on the subject, we present the most common injuries that could occur during sex.

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    Fracture of the penis during sex

    Although the male reproductive organ cannot be fractured in the formal sense (like a bone), a so-called penile fracture does exist.This trauma occurs when the tunica albuginea, one of the inner layers of the penis, is torn.

    According to Balac, the injury usually occurs when the organ leaves the vaginal cavity and ends up in the woman’s pelvis.Usually the sound of the rupture is the one that gives the warning of the fracture. Then, severe pain, swelling, and possible bruising could alert you to an injury.

    Studies indicate that one in 100,000 men suffers this type of trauma. In addition, it is said that in 30% and 50% of cases, the fracture occurs during very strong sexual intercourse. In case of suspecting a penile fracture, the recommendation of the experts is to consult a doctor immediately.

    Vaginal tears

    In women, one of the most frequent injuries that occur during sexual practices is a vaginal tear.Clinically, as E. Balac points out, “they are tears in the muscles and other soft tissues (including the skin) around the vaginal opening.”

    Usually, this trauma occurs when there is an excessively rough penetration, regardless of whether it is with a part of the body or a sex toy.As the experts point out, vaginal dryness could also favor its triggering.Likewise, those who practice anal sex could also suffer tears in their rectum when the penetration is too strong.

    Muscle strains

    What is surely the most common injury during sex is muscle strain in parts such as the legs or back.Jerks, as they are often called, can appear when very intense movements are made or the act is very prolonged.

    In short, excessive stretching, exaggerated contractions or greater demands on resistance can trigger these tears.“The effect can be so severe that the person is blocked. That’s right, deprived of movement,” says columnist Balac in one of her writings.The call of the experts to avoid strains is to exercise regularly. In that case, it wouldn’t hurt to stretch minutes before sex either.

    Dislocations and sprains

    And although they are not as frequent as strains, in the most extreme cases, dislocations and sprains can also occur during sexual intercourse (especially in people who intend to push their bodies to the maximum limit).In this case, as in many others, the excess can be harmful to health.

    Foreign objects obstructions

    Although situations of objects that remain stuck in the vaginal cavity have been reported, the greatest risk usually occurs when foreign bodies remain in the rectal route.

    The general cause is an oversight in the process of seeking erotic stimulation. The risk of an object slipping unrecoverably down this path is very high; “the worst injuries, it must be said, occur when the affected person anxiously tries to pull it out”, explains E. Balac.Under this logic, given that this anomaly occurs, the recommendation is to go immediately to a doctor to assess the severity of what happened.

    Falls, bruises and scrapes

    Among the unexpected situations that could occur during sex, falls are usually one of the most frequent.And it is that a bad support or a sudden movement in intercourse could represent a blow that, in the most minor cases, causes a bruise or a scratch.

    This is a precaution, for example, for those who choose to have sex on slippery floors such as the tiles in some bathrooms.It should not be overlooked that, on certain occasions, depending on the fall, more serious injuries could occur.

    Strangulation of the penis in sex

    Although not as common as a fracture, strangulation of the penis can also occur during sexual intercourse. It is usually generated by prolonged pressure that obstructs blood circulation. Men who choose to insert objects into the meatus (the opening of the penis) may suffer from this condition.According to experts, strangulation can lead to a simple thickening, an ulceration, a urinary fistula or, in the worst cases, gangrene.


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