The Magic of the Heart Inspires to Be Happy

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    Fear blocks understanding and reason. Fear stops you or slows down the steps to reach a goal. A negative emotion that generates stress lowers self-esteem.

    The negative and repetitive or recurring way of thinking even when it was unconsciously makes you say and do things that you do not really want and creates chaos in your existence, affects the immune system, produces physiological stress and energetically blocks some organs which makes disease appear.

    The body and the mind are one

    The mind impacts the body and manifests itself. Studies have shown that the heart has the ability to think, feel, intuit, perceive, sensory analysis, predict, reflect, explore and get out of the comfort zone in which it is, but to activate your creativity to have new, original, useful and successful ideas, whether for a job, art or product that you want to make, you must make the decision to change part of your personal routine and raise your state of consciousness in a very effective and fun is being in connection with divinity whatever your belief.

    Through meditation and visualization you will be able to see imaginatively beyond your capacities, you will raise the frequencies leading you to activate your creativity, gratitude and enjoy a state of love that inevitably avoids suffering, sadness and negativity.

    Nourishing your spirit

    With this attitude you will be generating a new programming that nourishes your spirit and body, raises the immune system, flourishes the ability to think, the way of feeling, dreaming, visualizing, creating and acting since it gives you the sense of valuing, protecting and having a new perception of life. existence producing a transformation in you.

    It will make you a person who knows how to share, analyze, be empathetic, it allows you to fully enjoy what you do giving the best of yourself, to be successful in what you undertake and to live a happier life, together with meditations and creative visualization.

    To complete this transformation I suggest using the magic of being in the present to realize what the mind and heart emanate. Replace, every time a negative or toxic thought arises, criticism, victimization or drama, lies, etc., with positive thoughts, of appreciation, compassion, urging or valuing others, appreciation for living and sharing.

    Once you allow that aspect of yourself to begin to flow and succeed, you will see your achievements increase, even more if you dare to practice giving a spontaneous and selfless service to humanity with true joy that is born from the flowering of the heart with the consciousness of being in a state of love.
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