Discover the Magic of Living in Costa Rica: Paradise on Earth

    A country that has it all for a quality, healthy lifestyle

    Costa Rica is the ideal destination for people from all parts of the world, for its incomparable natural beauty, the human quality of its people, its culture and the tranquility that is felt in every corner of this land.

    It is important to highlight that this country is chosen by Americans and Canadians to retire because they consider it a tropical oasis in Central America. The cost of living in Costa Rica is well below that of North America. Currently, language is no longer a barrier, since tourism agencies are training their tour guides to attend English-speaking foreigners in their language.

    Costa Rica compared to other Latin American countries is very safe. Recently the Costa Rican Tourism Minister María Revelo announced that “the number of police agents and also lifeguards at beaches” was increased.

    In terms of health in Costa Rica, the cost is much lower compared to its equivalent in the United States and Canada. It is also among the six countries in the world with the best health care services in the world (2019) according to the “International Living Rating Agency” and published on January 23 by Summa Magazine in its digital format. It is worth mentioning that in the Costa Rican health system many high-level medical specialists have obtained their qualifications in Europe, Canada or the USA. Also, most of these doctors are bilingual, which makes it easier for English-speaking visitors to receive aid.

    Enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle.

    Costa Ricans are characterized by a relaxed and happy lifestyle; this is reflected in their faces that are always seen with a sincere smile. And all this good vibe is framed in their culture and their nature of being, with solidarity to those around them. In Costa Rica, any person can offer to help a stranger and not ask for anything in return.

    The “Pura Vida” (Pure Life) style symbolizes the simplicity of good living, to place humility, well-being, and optimism ahead. Today the phrase “Pura Vida” is used as a greeting among the Ticos that symbolizes that everything is fine, although some studies trace back this phrase to the late 1940s and are currently the country’s motto.

    Majestic landscapes.

    No doubt the magic of Costa Rica begins with its beautiful landscapes, whether beach or mountain where you can enjoy warm weather on any date of the calendar, temperatures (between 28 and 35 ° C) ideal for relaxing and diving into its beaches with crystal clear waters.

    Here we recommend 5 beaches that you must visit, these are:

    Santa Teresa

    Manuel Antonio




    In addition to these spectacular Costa Rican beaches, we are also known for having a varied cuisine where typical dishes such as Gallo Pinto, Casado, Olla de Carne, Ceviche, Carnitas, among other exquisite culinary specialties.

    It is important to know that Costa Rica has its “Decarbonization to Zero (emissions) Plan” underway for 2050 and aims to develop a public transport system (buses, taxis, and TRP) fueled by clean energy (without emissions) with the maximum efficiency so Ticos won’t feel the need to use their cars. The objective of this decarbonization plan is to free the country of fossil fuels and reinforce Costa Rica’s commitment to transcend into a modern, green economy, and thus become a reference not only for Latin America but for the entire world, showing that if a small country like Costa Rica can reduce its emissions, others can also achieve it.

    With regards to getting around, if you want to use our public transport, buses are accessible and their cost is really low, they are also widely used by locals. A 4-hour trip can cost around $ 6.

    Finally, after knowing all this, we are sure you’ll want to come and visit Costa Rica and live the experience first-hand; you will surely fall in love with this tropical paradise.

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